Harmony Public Schools, Texas Tech Medical School kick-off ‘Middle School to Medical School’ program

Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 7:28 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Harmony Public Schools and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center have kicked off this year’s Middle School to Medical School program. As the name suggests, the program is intended to inspire students to explore jobs within the medical field.

“The earlier you get them, the more inspired they are going to be, the more goal-oriented they are going to be in accomplishing those goals,” Dr. Felix Morales, Associate Dean at Texas Tech School of Medicine, said.

As a physician himself Morales knows about setting goals. Now, as an Associate Dean at Texas Tech’s School of Medicine, he stated programs like this are what inspire students to wear a white coat one day.

“Many of these students come from underserved backgrounds, so ultimately what we want is for them to continue that ladder up,” Morales said. “As they climb that ladder of success, when they get to the top we want them pushing that ladder back down so others just like them can climb that ladder to be where they are at in the future.”

The Middle School to Medical School program provides hands-on experience. Texas Tech medical students lend a hand to the younger generation, from teaching how to take blood pressure to giving words of encouragement.

“The medical students will share their experiences,” Rosario Perez, Dean of Student Culture at Harmony Public Schools, said. “Like, you know what, I come from a low-income type family, or we have always been raised struggling, but there is financial aid and you can do it.”

Perez stated over the last two years this program has already inspired many students.

“I know that it has piqued their interest, and if nothing else, it is planting a seed that hopefully will one day flourish and they can pursue a career in the medical field,” said Perez.

This semester, Harmony has eight hands-on activities set up with Tech’s School of Medicine.