Safety tips from Texas DPS as drivers hit the roads this weekend.

AAA is expecting to see more traffic on the roads than in years before.
Published: Sep. 1, 2023 at 4:18 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - This Labor Day weekend is expected to be a busy one. AAA is expecting to see more traffic on the roads than it has in years. if you are planning to hit the roads this weekend, you’re not alone.

“Folks are wanting to get out of town. They got a long weekend ahead of them, so they got to take advantage of that, and the weather’s still nice, too, more optimal for traveling, but with that we’re going to see a lot more traffic on the roads,” Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Johnny Bures said.

Texas DPS is already gearing up for the busy roads.

“Expect to see more troopers along the roadway to make sure people are just slowing down and just trying to prevent all those crashes that we have,” Bures said.

If you’re traveling those long distances like Dallas or Houston, keep your phone charged and know where you are going.

“Make sure that you key those GPS coordinates in beforehand so that you’re not having to fumble with that as you’re driving through traffic in these big areas you don’t know,” Bures said.

He said the safest way to travel long distances is always with a buddy.

“Say ‘Hey help me be a second set of eyes out here, help me look out for whatever destination you’re looking for and help me look for traffic too’ just really try to eliminate those distractions,” Bures said.

If you’re tired, Bures recommends pulling over at a rest stop or stopping at a gas station to regroup.

“If you are driving fatigued I recommend not driving with your cruise control on, because as you hit those rumble strips or go off the road then you’re still maintaining that speed.”

Bures says always prepare for the worst, and make sure your car is ready for that long trip.

“You don’t want to drive on bald tires; make sure your fluids are all topped off, and that you haven’t been having any kind of a brake issue.”

Sergeant Bures also wants to remind you to not drink and drive. If you are out drinking, call an Uber or a Lyft, and if you see red and blue in front of you on the road, slow down and move over.