Lubbock doctor weighs in on viral TikTok trend: easing anxiety with OTC supplements

Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 4:51 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A viral TikTok trend claims taking a few over-the-counter supplements can help ease anxiety. Dr. Andrew West, a family medicine physician at Covenant Health, gave his expert opinion on if treating anxiety is really that simple.

Many people are guilty of scrolling through social media and taking medical advice from strangers. The lates viral trend that has taken off is taking vitamin D3 and magnesium supplements to ease anxiety symptoms.

“Vitamin deficiencies like magnesium and vitamin D being low in your system can actually make those symptoms worse for having anxiety or stress,” West said.

While there is some truth to the trend, West says there is much more research that shows vitamin D has greater effects on your mood than magnesium.

“Vitamin D is one that works the same way in the body to reduce stress and help regenerate chemicals and things that provide balance for conditions like anxiety,” said West.

West says most people get plenty of vitamin D from their daily diet or through sunlight. However, he says those struggling to deal with anxiety, getting medical advice from social media should never be the first step.

“It is not something that we are telling patients, if you feel like you’re anxious or if you have an anxiety diagnoses you should start taking over-the-counter vitamin D or magnesium on your own. It’s something you should definitely talk about with your doctor.”

Dr. West says the only way to truly know if one has a vitamin deficiency in is to have a blood panel preformed by a physician.