Elementary students from Lubbock ISD spend the day in a doctor’s shoes

Students visited the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center to learn more about how doctors care for us.
Published: Oct. 20, 2023 at 5:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Elementary students from Lubbock ISD know more tonight about how our doctors care for us on a daily basis. They visited the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center to be doctors for the day.

“It’s one thing to be told being a doctor might be fun, but it’s another thing to get to hold a stethoscope in your hand to hear heart sounds, to look at an ultrasound up close. Having that exposure is what’s gonna make it really fun for the kids,” Medical student and chair of community outreach, Angelica Nibo, said.

Nibo said they did not have something like this when she was in 5th grade; she is on track to become a doctor because it only takes one to change a life.

“It was the doctor that I had when i was six years old. He was so sweet and charismatic, kind, and inclusive to me that it really showed me that is what I wanted to do with my life as well,” Nibo said.

The children walk through simulated clinical rotations so they can try different specialties as a doctor. They go to see ultrasounds, they do patient encounters, and an ER skit just to introduce them into the field of medicine.

“I learned that if you have a heart attack you call 911 and don’t do it by yourself because you don’t know what you’re doing,” 5th grader Josiah Ramos said.

But doc for a day is not just about becoming a doctor or having fun, they are taking home real-life skills.

“They’re learning a lot of social skills here and they’re learning to trust themselves with answers just by volunteering to participate” Angelica said.

And some might learn they don’t even want to be a doctor, like 5th grader Bentley Pacon, “Not really, I kinda wanna be an electrician,” but doctors need electricians, too.