Proposition 1, cotton market, Lockney mini-bull riding in this week’s ag headlines

Published: Nov. 5, 2023 at 8:33 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In this week’s Focus on Ag, we take a closer look at Proposition 1, how markets are holding up, and we highlight some young bull riders in the area.

Proposition 1

Texans will be voting on Proposition 1 this Tuesday, which supporters call the Right to Farm in Texas. If passed, the constitutional amendment would stop cities from passing municipal regulations onto farmers when their land is annexed into the city limits, although it does leave room for change if necessary.

Farming operations can still be regulated if it’s for public health and safety, conservation or the environment. Early voting has ended, but you can cast your ballot on Election Day Tuesday.

Turkey Market

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the United States Department of Agriculture is reporting the turkey “Tom” market is mostly steady. That market affects how much we all pay at the grocery store.

Wells Fargo’s Thanksgiving Food Report shows 10-to-15-pound turkeys are down 29% from last year. That’s the wholesale price but has resulted in a 13% drop at grocery stores.

Farmers raised more birds this year to meet demand. In its most recent report, the USDA is saying demand is currently light to moderate.

Cotton Market

As many farmers wrap up cotton harvest and gins are in the peak of their season, we’re taking a look at the cotton market.

The cotton price fell some this week. It started at around 82 cents and by Friday was sitting at 79 cents.

Many farmers suffered big losses this year from drought conditions and little to no rain. Several producers told KCBD they had to abandon fields completely or harvested a smaller crop, which will affect the rest of the infrastructure surrounding cotton.

Miniature Bull Riding

In Lockney, some bull riders are getting their start at a young age. Kids tried to hang on at Leal’s Arena in Lockney for mini bull riding this weekend. Eight and nine-year-olds were in the “Pee Wee” category, 10 and 11-year-olds were “Juniors”, and 12 and 13-year-olds were in the “Senior” category. Kids seven and under participated in Mutton Bustin’.

These are your winners from the team called Flatbill Baseball.

The team Flatbill Baseball won the miniature bull riding in Lockney.
The team Flatbill Baseball won the miniature bull riding in Lockney.(Cervantes Photography)