Post couple selling drinks out of restored 1976 horse trailer

Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 5:49 PM CST
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POST, Texas (KCBD) - A couple from Post took a 1976 horse trailer and restored it to take their beverage business on the road.

Kelly and Perry Smith saw beyond the rust on this old one-horse trailer. Perry said he worked hard to flip it into what they could use for their business.

“Pretty much took it down to the bare metal, and then started building back, and then started figuring out the awnings and the way we would do everything, and set a set of shelves on the outside,” Perry said.

With help from friends and family, that old trailer turned into One Pour Pony. Kelly came up with the name. She said it’s a play on words.

“Well, pour to be pouring the tea or whatever. We’re pouring, and then, of course, one for the one horse,” Kelly said.

The business isn’t new. They used to sell tea at a stationary location.

“We thought, why not take it on the road,” Perry said.

They serve the classic homemade sweet tea, unsweet tea and multiple flavors to add to the tea. Also, they have lemonade, special drinks and cold brew coffee.

“This is what it turned into, and it’s been good,” Perry said.

One Pour Pony isn’t just serving tea from a unique trailer; the trailer has sentimental value to them.

“When I was going to Tech, I hauled my horse in this trailer and rodeoed for Tech,” Perry said. “So, I’ve hauled it a lot of miles with a horse in it.”

Perry said he was happy to brew something new from something old.

“It’s still great to know that we’ve had it for so long, and then turned it into something that is a lot of fun and we still can utilize,” Perry said.

Now, they go to rodeos in the area serving drinks to people they used to ride and rope with.

“We’ll see people at different events, and we’ll be like, ‘oh we haven’t seen them since we rodeoed with them and their kids,’ so it’s been really cool,” Perry said.

While they’ll sit over a cup of coffee to talk about their business any day, the ingredients are a secret they’ll never tell.

One Pour Pony will serve drinks this weekend at the Clovis Horse Sale in Levelland, Friday through Sunday at the Mallet Event Center.