WATCH: Matt Dawson, family receive keys to mortgage-free home

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 2:33 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 26, 2021 at 5:54 PM CDT

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Fire Rescue Firefighter Matt Dawson and his family received the keys to their new mortgage-free home on Thursday, August 26 during a dedication ceremony at the home site in Lubbock.

Dawson was struck by a vehicle while on the scene of a car accident on Jan. 11, 2020. The conditions were icy. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, along with multiple broken bones throughout his body.

Since the accident, Dawson has made progress through physical therapy, but his home was not compatible with his needs.

In response at least a thousand volunteers and several community leaders spent ten months building a customized ADA accessible home for Dawson in South Lubbock.

“It’s basically my dream home, “Dawson said.

The house has a rehabilitation pool, shower with support handles and wider doorways.

“One of my pet peeves is whenever I hit door jams with this wheelchair, pass my wife. She can hear me throughout the house when that happens,“ Dawson said.

In addition, a therapy room was filled with donated equipment as Dawson continues the long road to recovery.

“He’s not done getting better. And he’s a fighter, he’s going to keep going,” said his wife, Chanda Dawson.

West Texas Home for Heroes president Bryce Daniels said this project was personal for him as a retired fire lieutenant.

“I hope that as Presley grows up and becomes older, she can do a lot of things with her father in this home and with the way that it’s constructed with the pool and some of the other equipment that the activities will be good activities,” Daniels said.

During the presentation of the house, the Dawson family learned the United family filled the cupboards of the new home with hundreds of dollars in groceries. The United Family also made a significant monetary donation to help build the home.

West Texas Hero Homes, United Supermarkets, West Texas Home Builders Association, and Lubbock Professional Fire Fighters Association, led by retired firefighters Bryce Daniel of Aaron Daniel Homes of West Texas, Alan Tidmore of Alan Tidmore Custom Homes, and Derek Cooper of Derek Cooper Construction, all partnered to build the home and representatives will be onsite to welcome the Dawson family to their new home.

During the presentation, Bryce Daniel said he has built many homes and won many awards, but this home is one he will remember.

Matt Dawson hugs Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson
Matt Dawson hugs Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson

Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson spoke during the event.

“Wow Matt, what a day. It’s been a long road to get here. So much work by so many people. But you most of all put in the hard work. It’s been a long road since that January morning back in 2020. We’re amazed at your progress. We never doubted you. It’s been lots of hard work on your part, your therapist, your family and just hours and hours and hours of prayer. God bless you, God bless this house and I can’t wait until you make it all the way back. I’m just amazed by what you’ve done.”

Senator Charles Perry made a special presentation to the Dawson family. He gave the family a Texas flag that was flown in Matt’s honor and a devotional.

Matt then said a few words to the crowd.

“I just want to thank y’all for taking the time out of your day to come here and watch us get this beautiful place,” he said. He became emotional and continued, “since the accident, I found a lot of people in support and I can’t thank you, Lord, enough for that. And it just breaks me down to tears because its been just a huge blessing for everybody who’s helped out. Helped out for this house, helped me get to where I can stand up and take a few steps on my own. And just be here with my family. My close family, my wife and my daughter. And my extended family. So I just thank the Lord for that. A lot of this, that went into building this house wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. And I just thank everybody that had some physical hands involved in building this home for us. But better yet, I thank everybody here today because y’all were the ones that stood there and prayed for this project and prayed for me and my family. So I thank y’all the most. Thank you.”

Welcome Home Matt Dawson and family
Welcome Home Matt Dawson and family

Dawson and his family learned of the mortgage-free home on Aug. 13, 2020, during a surprise city-wide homecoming event.

Their new home is located in the Stratford Pointe Development south of FM 1585 and west of Quaker Ave.

Dawson family cutting the ribbon for their new home
Dawson family cutting the ribbon for their new home

The mission of West Texas Hero Homes is to provide mortgage-free homes for local wounded military veterans and first responders who have sacrificed so much. All donations given to West Texas Hero Homes stays right here in our community. West Texas Hero Homes has no paid staff, so every dollar donated goes directly into building the next home. For more information, please visit

Dawson watched as friends, family, and sponsors all took pen to wood, writing notes of...
Dawson watched as friends, family, and sponsors all took pen to wood, writing notes of encouragement on the foundation of the home before sheetrock is installed.(KCBD)

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