Steve Divine

Steve Divine


Daybreak Today and Noon News Co-Host and Weather Anchor Steve has more than 24 years of experience forecasting the weather of West Texas and eastern New Mexico. For his work off-air and on-air in public education in the area of severe weather he has been named the National Weather Association's "Broadcaster of the Year."  Only about three dozen broadcasters have ever been so recognized.  Steve has also received recognition from the Associated Press, including "Best Weathercast." Twice certified by the National Weather Service as a Weather Observer, Steve has put his skills to work observing and reporting weather on the Plains.  Steve and his wife Maria live in Lubbock.  They have two sons in college, including one at Tech.  Extended family members also live in Lubbock and eastern New Mexico.  The family is enjoying Lubbock and is happy to call the Hub City home.  They appreciate the opportunities the area provides. (Click here) to e-mail Steve.

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