EU struggles, looks for answers to stop spread of new virus variants

The 27 leaders were looking at further border restrictions, better tracking of mutations and improving coordination of lockdowns.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  Biden’s new mask mandate and you

Terry County reports 21 new cases of COVID-19, 3 new deaths

  Cruise line requires passengers to get COVID vaccine

Hale County reports 28 new cases of COVID-19, 5,753 total cases

  US jobless claims decline to a still-high 900,000

  Biden’s US revives support for WHO, reversing Trump retreat

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  Schwarzenegger on COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Come with me if you want to live’

  Holding hands, couple married 70 years dies from COVID-19 minutes apart

  Answers to common COVID questions

  COVID-19 patients reporting lingering symptoms, lung & liver damage after recovery

  Texas Tech continuing COVID-19 measures as students return for spring

  As virus surges, states reporting shortages of vaccine

Floyd County reports 5 new cases of COVID-19, 285 total cases

Floyd County provides an update on COVID-19 cases in the county.

  WATCH: City of Lubbock virtual COVID-19 news conference on Jan. 20

The City of Lubbock will host a virtual COVID-19 news conference Wednesday, January 20, at 11:30 a.m.

City Announces Scheduling Details for Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Appointments for the second dose of the Moderna vaccine are now available through the Public Health Department.

  Governor Abbott, TDEM Establish COVID-19 Therapeutic Infusion Center In Lubbock

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has established a new COVID-19 therapeutic infusion center in Lubbock.

  Woman pregnant with twins survives COVID-19 after 7 weeks in hospital, special therapy

  ‘Shameful’: US virus deaths top 400K as Trump leaves office

COVID-19: Lubbock reports 161 new cases, 2 additional deaths on Wednesday; hospitalization rate at 17.92%

  Thoughts of herd immunity still far off as city continues immunizations

  WATCH: Governor Abbott provides COVID-19 update in Texas Jan. 19 at 12 p.m.

  Panel: China, WHO should have acted quicker to stop COVID-19 pandemic

  Boosting your body’s vaccine response: Stress doesn’t help

A new study suggests your mental and physical health can affect how your body reacts to the COVID vaccine.

  A new COVID-19 challenge: Mutations rise along with cases

The coronavirus is becoming more genetically diverse, and health officials say the high rate of new cases is the main reason.

How dangerous is it? Scientists study South African COVID-19 variant

A second wave of COVID-19 is devastating South Africa.

  ‘We’re surviving’: Mother, daughter battle COVID-19 at same Calif. hospital

The two believe the mother came into contact with someone who had COVID-19 while working at Walgreens.

  WHO chief lambasts vaccine profits, demands elderly go first

The World Health Organization chief on Monday lambasted drugmakers’ profits and vaccine inequalities, saying it’s “not right” that younger, healthier adults in wealthy countries get vaccinated against COVID-19 before older people or health care workers in poorer countries.

  Coronavirus deaths rising in 30 US states amid winter surge

Coronavirus deaths are rising in nearly two-thirds of American states as a winter surge pushes the overall toll toward 400,000 amid warnings that a new, highly contagious variant is taking hold.

  ‘I had the feeling of impending doom’: COVID survivor urges plasma donation

Convalescent plasma, blood plasma taken from people who have recovered from COVID-19, has antibodies that can help those who are sick from the virus.

  Man allegedly hid 3 months at Chicago airport due to COVID-19

The man was “scared to go home due to COVID,” and told authorities that he’d found a badge and that other passengers at the airport had given him food.

  Mother dies from COVID-19 weeks after giving birth to 3rd child

Her widower says he’s going to do what he can to make sure all three girls grow up knowing their mom.

  Lubbock woman remembers polio outbreak

After seeing the effects of the polio outbreak in the 1950s, one Lubbock resident has a message for those who may have concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine.

  Couple married 33 years dies from COVID-19 just 1 day apart

The couple had many plans for 2021, including getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Their friends hope their deaths serve as a stark message about the importance of the vaccine.

  Raider Rehab uses IV infusions to help treat lingering COVID-19 symptoms

Raider Rehab is an IV infusion service founded by first responders in Lubbock, now finding a new niche helping COVID patients recover.

Combest Clinic, TTU, LCU COVID-19 testing sites closed for MLK holiday

The COVID testing sites at Combest Clinic, Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University will be closed Monday.

  Anger in states over pace of COVID-19 vaccine allotments

The developments threatened to escalate tensions between the Trump administration and some states over who is responsible for the relatively slow start to the vaccination campaign.

All Available Appointments for January 19-21 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Filled

UPDATE: As of 12:17 a.m. Friday, January 15, 2021, the City of Lubbock Public Health Department has filled all available appointments for next week’s COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

  Global death toll from COVID-19 tops 2 million amid vaccine rollout

The milestone was reached just over a year after the coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

  Biden taps former FDA chief Kessler to lead vaccine science

He has been acting as a top pandemic adviser to Biden and his appointment was announced Friday by the presidential transition office.

  Easy button for COVID clues

There is a new gadget you can put on your skin to help warn you about COVID-19.

  Biden unveils $1.9T plan to stem virus and steady economy

The Biden plan comes as a divided nation remains caught in the grip of the pandemic’s most dangerous wave yet. So far, more than 380,000 Americans have died.

  Expanded vaccine rollout in US spawns a new set of problems

Up until the past few days, health care workers and nursing home patients had largely been given priority in most places around the U.S.

  No evidence of child abuse surge amid pandemic, HHS leaders say

Calls to hotlines reporting suspected abuse are down compared to 2019, while calls to support centers from hard-up families seeking assistance have increased.

Texas first state to administer 1 million COVID-19 vaccines

Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) today announced that that State of Texas has administered more than 1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

Post Malone donates 10,000 Crocs to frontline workers

The new Crocs were released last month. They sold out in less than an hour.

Pope Francis gets first dose of COVID vaccine

Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI receive their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Vatican.

  US unemployment claims jump to 965,000 as virus takes toll

The latest figures for jobless claims, issued Thursday by the Labor Department, remain at levels never seen until the virus struck.

  WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate coronavirus pandemic origins

Scientists suspect the virus that has killed 1.9 million people since late 2019 jumped to humans from bats or other animals.

  EXPLAINER: What is WHO team in Wuhan looking for?

The WHO team of international researchers that arrived in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on Thursday hopes to find clues to the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Firefighters raise money for elderly woman who lost son’s ashes in house fire

The 76-year-old woman had a tough 2020. Her son died from COVID-19, and she lost two houses, one due to money problems and the other to fire.

  COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson successful in early trials

Johnson & Johnson is contracted to deliver 100 million vaccine doses to the U.S. government if it wins approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Texas reimburses City of Lubbock for $10 million spent on Coronavirus relief efforts

The City of Lubbock has been reimbursed $10 million so far from the Texas Department of Emergency Management for money spent on Coronavirus relief efforts, with $3.6 million still coming.

  US COVID-19 deaths hit another one-day high at over 4,300

With the country simultaneously facing a political crisis and on edge over threats of more violence from far-right extremists, the U.S. recorded 4,327 deaths on Tuesday by Johns Hopkins’ count.

  City leaders share personal experiences with COVID vaccine

City leaders shared their personal experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine during this week’s virtual news conference.

  IRS gets more COVID-19 relief payments out after delays

A number of people who filed their taxes with an online preparation service initially found that their economic impact payment did not make it to them directly. The IRS and tax preparation service companies say they've been working diligently to resolve the issue.

All Available Appointments for January 14 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Filled

The City of Lubbock Public Health Department will reopen scheduling for tomorrow’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic to fill a limited number of available appointments.

Texas Tech distributes first 100 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to at-risk employees, more registrations available Friday

Texas Tech distributed 100 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to employees in the 1B category on Wednesday, including those with health conditions and those over 65.

  Vaccine time: How to overcome your fear of needles

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, but for millions of Americans, a fear of needles may make the decision to get the vaccine even harder.

  WATCH: Lubbock declared regional hub, expecting 8,000 vaccine doses next week

Lubbock has been declared a regional hub for vaccine distribution, with as many as 8,000 vaccinations expected next week.

COVID-19: Lynn County reports 6 new cases, 566 total deaths

Lynn County provides an update of the current COVID-19 cases in the county.

  Study: In pandemic era, older adults isolated but resilient

When it comes to mental and emotional health, older adults in the United States are showing resilience and persevering despite struggles with loneliness and isolation.

COVID-19: Dawson County reports 28 new cases, 1,551 total cases

Dawson County provides an update on current COVID-19 cases in the county.

Gaines County reports 2 new cases of COVID-19, 1 new death

Gaines County officials update the latest on COVID-19 in the county.

  ‘I thought I had a lifetime’: Wife watches husband’s decline from COVID-19 via FaceTime

Doctors say the husband and father of three will need a lung transplant to live, but he needs to be more stable for surgery.

  Veterans, friends of more than 70 years vaccinated for COVID-19 together

The two friends are staying connected despite the COVID-19 pandemic, going together to get their first doses of the vaccine at a Veterans Affairs medical facility.

  US to require all arriving passengers to get COVID-19 test

Anyone flying to the U.S. will soon need to show proof of a negative test for COVID-19.

  US shifts to speed vaccinations; won’t hold back 2nd doses

States determine who should get the vaccine based on CDC guidelines.

  Warnings sent out over COVID vaccine scams

People wanting a COVID-19 vaccine are becoming targets for scammers.

TTU to continue on-campus COVID-19 testing, add student wellness day for Spring Semester

Texas Tech will continue to require the use of face masks, social distancing will be enforced, and all university associated events and gatherings will follow local and state health guidelines.

  US cancer rates drop record amount, impact of COVID uncertain

Fewer people are smoking, cancers are being detected earlier and treatments have advanced.

  China says WHO experts to visit Wuhan in virus origins probe

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the experts will arrive in Wuhan on Thursday. Other details of their schedule haven’t been announced and the central government’s National Health Commission offered no further information.

  Mother of 6 dies from COVID-19 days after doctors deliver baby

With the mother reportedly having no underlying conditions other than pregnancy, her family wants to make it clear how dangerous COVID-19 can be.

‘He is a miracle’: NY baby survives liver transplant, COVID-19

The baby boy is getting to ready to celebrate his first birthday, just months after surviving COVID-19 and receiving a liver transplant.

  US ramps up vaccinations to get doses to more Americans

As of Monday morning, about 6.7 million Americans had received their first shot of the vaccine, or just 2% of the U.S. population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  Governor Abbott provides update on COVID-19 vaccine efforts

Governor Greg Abbott today held a press conference in Arlington where he provided an update on Texas’ COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts.

  COVID-19 taking toll on Los Angeles EMTs

EMTs in Los Angeles County are facing demanding shifts while helping COVID-19 patients.

All appointment times filled for all 3 COVID-19 vaccine clinics this week

This week, the City of Lubbock Health Department will conduct three COVID-19 vaccine clinics for citizens who fall into Phase 1A and 1B as defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

COVID-19: Yoakum County reports 11 new cases, 4 new deaths

Yoakum County provides an update on current COVID-19 cases in the county.

China: WHO experts arriving Thursday for virus origins probe

A culture of secrecy, fostered by the Chinese government, is believed to have delayed warnings about the pandemic, blocked the sharing of information with the WHO and hampered early testing.

Pope’s doctor dies from COVID-19 complications

Pope Francis' personal doctor has died as a result of complications due to COVID-19.