TTU School of Nursing celebrates 40 Years

After celebrating 50 years of the Texas Tech University School of Medicine, it’s time now to recognize another milestone... 40 years of educating nurses through the School of Nursing at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

  Successful heart surgery reunites quadruplets on 4th birthday

  Oral cancer awareness, not just from tobacco

  Pandemic Hair Loss – a Doctor’s Advice

  Supporting Autism Acceptance in a Different Way this Year

  Encouraging Hispanics to get the COVID-19 Vaccine

  Your Dog Could Bring Home a Big Paycheck!

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  Covenant Children’s launches new Champions for Children campaign

  Lubbock mother brings concerns over button batteries to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

  Medical students celebrate at unconventional Match Day 2021

  Lubbock mother turns tragedy into ‘Reese’s Purpose’

  Bishop Offers A Plea for Protection, Minus the Guilt

  UMC prepares to open children’s emergency room funded by Children’s Miracle Network

  Vaccine Clinic at Crown Point Brings Joy to Seniors

This has been a week of celebration at some nursing homes where the staff and residents were given their COVID vaccines. Since this was the second vaccine for most, it means they will be fully protected after 2 more weeks of building immunity.

  Officials urge citizens to book COVID-19 vaccination appointments online, show up on time

Katherine Wells says walk-ups will need to sign a list and hope for a cancellation. But she adds that list will not even be considered until an hour and a half before the clinic closes. So going to the vaccine clinic without a reservation is a big gamble.

  CDC researchers find minimal spread of COVID-19 in schools following guidelines

The authors found the type of rapid spread frequently observed in congregate living facilities or high-density worksites has not been reported in schools following mask and distancing guidelines.

  Answers to common COVID questions

If you missed the conference on January 20th because you were instead watching the Presidential Inauguration, here are a few questions you might have asked if you had been there.

  Investing in the Success of Telehealth

  Easy button for COVID clues

  Lubbock child dies after swallowing battery

  Polio, smallpox eradicated by vaccine program decades before COVID-19

  Lubbock Toddler Suffers After Swallowing Button Battery

  New scholarship established for Latino med students in memory of Dr. Juan Fitz

  TTU Using TMS to Treat Depression

More and more researchers are finding there is something that is helpful in some patients who have exhausted every other option. It’s called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS.

  WATCH: Covenant Children’s hosts news conference to discuss a rise in cases of MIS-C in West Texas

Covenant Children’s will be hosting a joint press conference this afternoon at 2 pm with Dr. Amy Thompson and Dr. Lara Johnson with Texas Tech Physicians to discuss a rise in cases of Multi Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) in our area.

  Precautions Now to Prevent a Hospital Stay Later

Dr. Timothy Miller is a Gastroenterologist who says putting off important health care could lead to a hospital stay that might have been prevented.

  Dr. Ron Cook awarded endowed chair position

Many know Dr. Ron Cook as the Lubbock Health Authority. But he was wearing a different hat on Monday at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

  A look inside University Medical Center’s COVID-19 unit

The halls of UMC look strangely different. Bold red tape around doors that were open are now sealed, to say this is now off limits because of COVID-19.

  Halloween Health Tips from Texas Tech Physicians

If your Halloween costume includes a look that gives you spooky or cat-like eyes or just a different color altogether, that could end up scaring you long after Halloween.

  Update on Idalou Football Tragedy

Remember Tanner Cook, the 17 year old from Idalou who suffered a traumatic brain injury during a football playoff game in 2008? After years of physical therapy, Tanner has improved. Now, Tanner has learned of a revolutionary treatment at the Neuro Recovery Institute in Florida.

  Confusing Symptoms: When Flu season, allergies and COVID-19 collide

Dr. James Tarbox, an Allergist and Texas Tech Physician, if you wake up feeling crummy like you’re coming down with something, it’s important to know why, and that could mean getting tested for both COVID and the flu.

  Medication Clean Out Disposes of more than Just Drugs

Jeannie Jaramillo works at the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy in Amarillo. That’s where she also serves as Director of the Texas Panhandle Poison Control Center. She says they see reasons every day why we need to make an effort like this to reduce the risk of poisoning and overdose.

  Helping Texas Tech Fight Childhood Cancer

Dr. Reynolds says the best way to give and know that your money will help cancer research here at Texas Tech is through a fundraiser called Alex’s Lemonade Stand which is funding the repository.

Surendra Varma of Lubbock appointed to Governor’s Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response

Surendra Varma, M.D. of Lubbock has been appointed to Governor Abbott’s Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response.

  Facing Mental Health with a Plan

The concern is that one in 5 adults in this country and 17 percent of youth experience a mental illness or mental health disorder at some point, and COVID-19 has become an easy trigger to make things worse.

  Back to School Advice for Parents

A new school year is scary for most kids anyway but mix that in with a pandemic and a lot of rules that keep kids behind masks and 6 feet apart from their friends, and school becomes an entirely new experience.

  Leg Pain? New Treatment May Offer Relief

A simple walk after dinner can bring excrutiating pain to some people with a condition called Peripheral Artery Disease, or PAD. Now, there is something new in Lubbock that could make you feel like your old self again in a matter of days.

  New guidelines from THHS on nursing home, long term care facilities visitation

Greg Bruce, Corporate Director of Crown Point Health Suites, says this is great news for families, but it is just the first step in a complicated process.

  Hawaii native finds new home in Plainview as surgeon at Covenant Health

Dr. Wong is from the island of Molokai. He tells KCBD it’s a rural community, with the same feel of West Texas.

City of Lubbock announces free community immunization clinics at local high schools

The Health Department will hold two community-wide immunization events at Lubbock high schools.

  31 test positive in 2 Lubbock nursing homes, Dr. says nursing home isolation is tragic

Dr. Michael McPherson is the Medical Director for both Garrison Geriatric and Education Center, Crown Point Health Suites and many other nursing homes in the area. He says while residents are kind of isolated anyway for their own protection, there are things the rest of us can do to help.

  The Mask Lesson from the Med School

Dr. Berk adds some people think it’s protection enough to wear a mask over the mouth, but not over the nose.

StarCare offering mental health hotline as COVID-19 case count rises

Community members are encouraged to call the StarCare COVID-19 Mental Health Hotline to speak with a qualified mental health professional (QMHP) who can provide access to a variety of confidential and anonymous services for coping with stress and anxiety caused by uncertain times.

  Katherine Wells provides behind-the-scenes look at compiling COVID-19 data in Lubbock

If you watch our news at 6, you know we rush to get you the latest coronavirus numbers just as soon as they are released from the city.

Katherine Wells provides COVID-19 update before holiday weekend

With millions cooped up at home for so many months, this holiday weekend is expected to be a busy one for families wanting to escape their home town.

  Fireworks too close could be the last ones you hear

“In more extreme cases, you can have sudden, permanent very noticeable hearing loss from exposure to one single sound, especially gun shots and even fireworks at close range. Fireworks can reach levels of 140 to 160 decibels. That is louder than a jet engine, high enough to have immediate damage.”

  Lubbock Doctor’s Vitamin Regimen for COVID-19

A long-time Lubbock doctor who specializes in diseases of the gut has come up with a theory - that many viruses, even COVID-19, can be tackled and even prevented by a certain vitamin-pro-biotic regimen, that is inexpensive and easy to get at the grocery store.

  Tracking COVID-19 by Race and Ethnicity

New statistics from the CDC show the impact of coronavirus may be falling disproportionately on people of color.

Free antibody testing for blood donors

If you take the time to give blood, your donation could help more people than ever, not to mention give you a free perk that's never been done before.

  O’Donnell Makes Healthy Effort to Grow

Previously, the town had used a small part of the school as a health clinic. But thanks to a grant from the FMH foundation in Midland which provided the land and the grounds, and additional funds from the CH Foundation which paid for all the beds. Now, O’Donnell officially has its own health clinic

  It’s Officially a She Leading TTUHSC

Dr. Lori Rice-Spearman not only becomes the 9th person to move into that prestigious position, but she is the first woman to serve as president in the more than 50 year history of the TTU system.

  Lubbock Pediatrician Joins Covid News Conference

Dr. Doug Klepper suggested that all children over age 2 should be wearing a face mask during the pandemic. Also, he says parents should set that example, just as we encourage kids to wear a helmet on a bicycle.

Pediatrician Recommends Disaster Kit in Every Home

Dr. Tammy Camp is a Pediatrician and Texas Tech Physician who also serves as the President of the TPS. She says right now, while families are still at home most of the time, we should take the time to plan with our kids what we would do in response to a disaster.

Comparing COVID-19 case numbers Lubbock vs. Amarillo

Our total case number for COVID-19 in Lubbock today is 614. Compare that to 1,939 in the Amarillo area.

  Another Kidney, Another Miracle for Brixton Marshall

Doctors knew that someday, Brixton Marshall would need a kidney transplant to survive. Yesterday, Transplant Surgeons at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth decided he was finally big enough to handle a kidney transplant. That new kidney came from the best match they could find.

  Free Program to Help Recovery from Chemical Dependency

A pandemic is stressful for most people but it is especially challenging for those who are struggling anyway to recover from an addiction. That’s why the timing may seem perfect for a new program underway now at Covenant Health.

  With COVID-19, age is not the whole story

Dr. John Culberson specializes in geriatrics at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. He has this important message to seniors, “There are many people who get Covid in their 70 s, 80s, and 90s who do recover. The majority of those individuals do recover and that needs to be stressed."

  Why wear a mask?

Dr. Cook says it goes back to the same reason why doctors and nurses wear a mask during office or surgical procedures. They are not protecting themselves from catching something in the operating room. They are making sure they don’t pass something onto the patient when that person is most vulnerable

  Drivers turn out for parade to support Aiden Cuevas in battle with cancer

A long line of drivers showed up to support a young man in his battle with cancer on Sunday, including Batman in the Batmobile.

  Governor Abbott Cites Help from TTU School of Pharmacy

Governor Greg Abbott’s Open Texas report this week recognized the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for helping the state reach its goal in expanding COVID-19 testing across the state.

  Jayton to unveil newly renovated maternity home

It’s called the Sparrow’s Nest. Tricia Edwards, the Executive Director says the board of directors for this non-profit discussed waiting until after the pandemic to open their doors. However, since they are already serving some women in need, they decided to go ahead with their grand opening in June

  Plasma Therapy: Liquid Gold, But Not so New

You may hear new experimental treatment for COVID-19 called Plasma Therapy or Convalescent Serum.It’s the same thing. Both refer to a plasma donation, similar to giving blood.

  Sterilizing and reusing medical masks

With the shortage of personal protective equipment on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Tech medical students and others at the Health Sciences Center are working hard to extend the life of N95 medical masks and face shields. That means longer protection for those who use them.

  The Flu vs. Covid 19 – A Look Back Through History

One comment we've heard a lot from viewers...“This happens every year. So, how is this any different from the flu?”

  Skin Doctor says Gloves can be Tricky

While most people just put on a mask briefly when they have to go out, health care workers could be strapped in a mask for most of the day.

  Fertility specialist encouraging everyone to use masks, gloves during COVID-19

Dr. Jennifer Phy is a fertility specialist at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. She says pregnant women are not at any extra risk for COVID-19, but she is encouraging everyone to wear masks and gloves.

  Avoiding depression, anxiety when stuck at home

Mayor Dan Pope’s stay-at-home order has a lot of people stressed and anxious, because they can’t do ordinary things like eat at a restaurant or go shopping, but a Lubbock psychologist says there are things you can do to deal with that stress.

  Saying goodbye when you lose a loved one during COVID-19

It’s tragic to think that anyone could lose a loved one in isolation without the chance to touch and say goodbye. So, what can families do?

  Autism Acceptance: Be Aware, Be Kind

It can be hard enough for anyone to cope with the uncertainty of a pandemic. But for many children who have autism or are on the autism spectrum disorder, life as it is now can be even more unsettling.

  We Can Stay Home and Stay Fit

By staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many of us are not walking as much as we normally would. Dr. Toby Brooks, is an Assistant Professor in athletic training at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. He says we need to make an effort to keep moving for at least 30 minutes a day.

  How long does coronavirus live on clothes and skin?

How long does the coronavirus live on your clothes and your skin? Karin asked Dr. Michelle Tarbox, a Dermatologist at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

  The Flu, COVID-19 and what the numbers mean

Hundreds of people have lined up for drive-through screening at UMC, but many have been turned away after testing positive for the flu instead. Dr. Jacob Nichols, an infectious disease specialist at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, helps us understand the difference.

  TTUSHC Provost explains testing for COVID-19

So what happens when you get tested for coronavirus?It’s not a blood test.It’s much more similar to getting tested for the flu except that it may come in 3 parts.

  While TTU Students Stay Put, Faculty Working Hard

There were about 100 Texas Tech students studying worldwide when the coronavirus became a concern. The Chancellor, Dr. Tedd Mitchell, says most were in Seville, Spain. Check out more on these students from Dr. Mitchell's interview with Karin McCay.

  Successful but Different Match Day

Dr. Steven Berk, Dean of the Texas Tech School of Medicine says the students were notified individually this year, then they celebrated through zoom or on Facebook.

Lubbock Meals on Wheels in need of healthy volunteers

Lubbock Meals on Wheels is seeing an increased need for their services, but a lack of healthy drivers to meet the additional routes. Those who are able are asked to volunteer at

Scholastic offering free website to keep kids busy over Spring Break

If you're wondering how you're going to keep your young child engaged during what could be an extended spring break, here's one idea.

  Healthwise: Your Questions About Coronavirus Answered

Coronavirus awareness has exploded. It is what everyone is talking about. So today, we invited the two leading infectious disease specialists in this region into our studio to answer your questions about coronavirus.

  Don’t let high blood pressure kill your kidneys

We hear a lot about high blood pressure or hypertension and we know that's not good for the heart. But did you know that high blood pressure can also quietly shut down your kidneys?

  New Powerful Peanut Protection - Coming Soon to Lubbock

The FDA has just approved a new drug, the first of its kind, and it could open the door to a whole new generation of protection that we never thought we could have.

  Time to team up and March For Babies

This effort of the March of Dimes raises money to fight birth defects and prevent prematurity and help women ensure a safe pregnancy.