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  Consider This: I Support a Special Session for COVID-19

Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson. We want to know what you think. Voice your opinion by commenting below, by e-mailing us at or by writing us at: KCBD-TV Attn: Consider This 5600 Avenue A Lubbock, TX 79404

  Consider This: Local business needs us like never before

Consider This: We all have a role during this crisis.

  Consider This: A special message about COVID-19, KCBD and you

Like most companies, we are taking every step possible to protect our employees and plan for worst case scenarios. Because we know you count on us to do our jobs. And more than ever, to do them calmly and professionally.

  Consider This: Lubbock needs Tornado Sirens

New Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider This: Council Hijackers and Heroes

In a split vote late Tuesday night, Lubbock City Council voted for the zoning change needed to allow the Lubbock County Expo Center to be built at the location approved by voters more than a year ago.

  Consider This: A case for voting early in Lubbock County

Early voting is underway for the March 3rd primary, until February 28th. That means you have two full weeks and the added conveniences offered to early voters.

  Consider This: Join Me In A Prayer

The tremendous display of honor for Lubbock’s fallen first responders has once again revealed the true spirit of compassion, respect, and empathy so unique to our community.

  Consider this: Is it time for public surveillance cameras

Is it time for public surveillance cameras in Lubbock?

  Consider This: Giving this holiday season

Giving is what characterizes the Holiday Season and I can imagine no community more generous than Lubbock and the South Plains.

  Consider This... What Election?

New Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider This: A Familiar request for Lubbock

New Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider This: What I heard on secret recording

New Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider This: A few thoughts on Lubbock’s new Police Chief

Next week, the Lubbock city council will vote to finalize their choice for Lubbock’s next police chief.

  Consider This: A thank you to a former Chancellor for a new vet school

New Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider this: Honor, Courage, and Closure

The veterans that travel every year on the South Plains Honor Flight have embodied every meaning of the word honor.

Consider This: Private Gun Sales Need to Require a Background Check

Read this week's Consider This from KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider This: Saluting Bravery

As I watched the tragic events in Odessa unfold this weekend, I was reminded what I said here just last week. From a law enforcement officer’s perspective, there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.

  Consider This: Policing our streets is a dangerous job

Consider this … we sometimes hear the phrase “routine traffic stop.” Make no mistake, there is no such thing as a *routine* traffic stop. From KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson

  Consider this: Keeping eyes on the road as the school year begins

Consider this… Put the safety of our children first. Let’s put down the phones, watch for the designated school zones, and really look out for the kids.

  Consider This: The Community Coverage Tour is a community effort

Last week KCBD celebrated our 2019 Community Coverage Tour broadcasting from the communities of Tahoka, Littlefield, Plains, Petersburg and Shallowater.

  Consider This: A hotline for help

Whether it’s a dead animal, a mosquito problem, or any other city related issue here in Lubbock, all you need to know is call 3-1-1.

  Consider This: The Year of the Matador

Consider this... get your guns up Red Raiders, this is the Year of the Matador and we’re only halfway through.

  Consider This: County Commissioners need a plan in searching for next Medical Examiner

Consider this... Commissioners need to learn from past mistakes when choosing the next Lubbock County Medical Examiner.

  CONSIDER THIS: Public safety should be priority at city hall

Public safety is a choice and it is time the city of Lubbock chose to put the safety of its citizens ahead of ivory towers and civic center expansions.

  Consider This: support made Texas Tech vet school possible

Consider this... our support made a difference and got the attention of lawmakers when it came to the Texas Tech vet school.

  Consider This: Your tax dollars are being used against you

Consider This... support HB 281 and stop using our taxes to lobby against us!

  Consider This: Congratulations to the Red Raider basketball team

I can’t say enough about what Coach Chris Beard and his Red Raider basketball team have accomplished for Texas Tech and Lubbock. The combination of excellence, teamwork, class and humility demonstrated by these young men make them Lubbock’s and Texas Tech’s finest ambassadors.

Consider This: TTU School of Veterinary Medicine needs your support in the Legislature

As the 87th Legislature passes the halfway point this week, the most important issue to Lubbock and Texas Tech is the Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine.

  Consider This: You spoke, Governor Abbott listened

Last week, by appointing not one but two outstanding Lubbock citizens to the Tech Board of Regents, Governor Greg Abbott let loyal Texas Tech supporters know he has heard our voices when it comes to our school.

  Consider This: Commissioners Court must act quickly on ME’s office

Consider This: Our Medical Examiner problems seem to be going from bad to worse, it is time for the commissioners to act quickly to fix the problems.

Darci Lynn adjusting performance times around championship game

America’s favorite teen ventriloquist is coming to Lubbock in April.

  Consider This: Texas House, Senate file identical property tax reform bills

Last week, in a coalition led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, both the Texas House and Senate filed identical property tax reform bills.

  Consider This: Kirby Hocutt is doing great things for Texas Tech

I commend Kirby Hocutt’s efforts to continually improve the Red Raider game-day experience. Tickets for the the entire family are a premium entertainment item and Hocutt continues to find ways to add value.

  Consider This: Buy local this Christmas shopping season

Consider this … plan to do as much of your Christmas shopping with local businesses as you can.

  Consider This: Watch out for trick-or-treaters

Consider This … it is my responsibility and yours to provide a safe environment for our children.

  Consider This: Unfinished work at ME’s office

Consider This... what does having the highest paid medical examiner in the country get you? A $640,000 clean-up bill, that’s what.

  Consider This: Vote yes on Lubbock ISD bond

Consider this… I am voting for the Lubbock ISD Bond and I hope you will consider doing the same.

  Consider This: honoring the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr.

Consider this … we honor the memory of Texas Tech Officer Floyd East Jr. , and all who serve in law enforcement.

  Consider This: time for Rick Francis to act like a Red Raider

Consider this … it’s time for Chairman Rick Francis to act like a Red Raider and be accountable this Thursday!

  Consider This: Thank you Sgt. John Gonzalez

Tonight we honor and thank Sgt John Gonzalez who is retiring after 32 years of service with the Department of Public Safety. Sgt Gonzalez spent 24 years as a public information officer for DPS. For most of us, John Gonzalez is the face of the DPS on the South Plains.

  Consider This: Walk to Stop Diabetes, Sept. 22 at Mackenzie Park

I want to invite you to come out to Mackenzie Park baseball fields this Saturday, Sept. 22 at 8 a.m., and join me in the American Diabetes Association's 25th Anniversary "Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes."