I Beat Pete

I Beat Pete: CupCheck Challenge

CupCheck was created by ten Major League Baseball players.

I Beat Pete: At-Home: Ceiling Fan Cash Drop

I Beat Pete: At-Home Edition: Pots & Pans Challenge vs. Guthrie Jaguars

I Beat Pete: At-Home Edition vs New Home Baseball: Postal Pitching

I Beat Pete: At-Home High 5 challenge vs. Lubbock Cooper Lady Pirates

I Beat Pete: At-Home: Dryer Football

I Beat Pete: At-Home edition: Social Distancing Shooting vs Idalou

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I Beat Pete: At-Home Edition vs Frenship softball seniors

I Beat Pete: At-Home Edition: DumpsterBall

I Beat Pete: At-Home Edition vs. Whitharral featuring Matt Mooney

I Beat Pete: Shooting against 3-time state champion Southcrest Christian

I Beat Pete: Travel Trailer Tug

I Beat Pete: Rattlesnake Relay Challenge

I Beat Pete: Punt, pass and kick against Lubbock Liberty Eagles

This week we have a punt, pass and kick challenge with the Lubbock Liberty Eagles, a semi-pro football team that plays home games at Lubbock Christian High School.

I Beat Pete: Free Throws vs. #1 Kingdom Prep

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Kingdom Prep Academy, where their boys basketball team is ranked #1 in the State in TAPPS 1A.

I Beat Pete: Jigsaw Puzzle Jamboree

The first I Beat Pete challenge of 2020 sounded simple enough. Putting together a 350 piece jigsaw puzzle with a team of three.

I Beat Pete: D-R-A-G-O-N out at Dawson

This week we went out to Welch and Dawson High School for a game of D-R-A-G-O-N, its horse but they are the Dawson Dragons. For the first time in two seasons, Dawson will have basketball.

I Beat Pete: 50th St.Joseph’s Sausage Festival challenge

I Beat Pete: Antique Tractor Hand Crank Ring Grab

950th I Beat Pete Challenge: Fireman Bowling in Petersburg

I Beat Pete: Bumper Boat Soccer

I Beat Pete: Sit Down Basketball Shots at the United Supermarkets Arena

I Beat Pete: Rolling quarters trying to get them stuck in a fork

  I Beat Pete: Dunk tank football

This week we went to Brookdale Monterey Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care as they were holding an event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Assiciation.

  I Beat Pete: Clay pigeon shootout

This week we came out to clay. We went out to take aim at clay targets that come out 41 MPH.

  I Beat Pete: Grape Olympics in Brownfield vs. Cub Coaches

This week we went out to Brownfield for a Grape Olympics Challenge.

I Beat Pete: Altitude H20 Floating Water Park challenge

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Buffalo Springs Lake and out on the water is a sight to be seen, tons of inflatables floating on the water. It’s the Altitude H20 Floating Water Park that will be in Lubbock through Labor Day.

  I Beat Pete: Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga has become popular across the country, including in Lubbock.

  I Beat Pete: facing NCAA D2 National Champion LCU Lady Chaps

This week on I Beat Pete, what an incredible honor as we faced the 2019 NCAA Division II National Champion LCU Lady Chaps.

  I Beat Pete: 3-point challenge with Manny Ramirez

This week on I Beat Pete, I played former Red Raider and NFL player Manny Ramirez in a three-point shootout.

  I Beat Pete: Baconfest

This week’s I Beat Pete is I Eat Pete as Pete tried to eat one of his favorite foods, bacon.

  I Beat Pete: Back-to-Back Challenge Against Southcrest Christian

This week’s challenge was a back to back challenge against the back to back TAPPS 2A state champion Southcrest Christian Lady Warriors.

  I Beat Pete: Facing TAPPS State Champion Trinity Christian Lady Lions

This week on I Beat Pete, we went out to Trinity Christian to play the TAPPS 4A State Champion Lady Lions. Trinity Christian beat Houston Lutheran 72-34 to win their ninth state championship.

  I Beat Pete: Crossbar challenge against Coronado soccer

This week’s challenge is against the 21-3-1 Coronado girls soccer team who won the 3-5A District Title going 14-0.

  I Beat Pete: X factor extreme ball toss at Joyland

This week, we went out to Joyland Amusement Park for the annual spring break challenge. This time it was on the X Factor Extreme, which takes you up and down with twists and turns.

  I Beat Pete: Rattlesnake Roundball in Sweetwater

This week on I Beat Pete, we went out to Sweetwater for a Rattlesnake Roundball Challenge.

  I Beat Pete: Axe throwing

Axe Throwing is gaining popularity worldwide and it’s now in Lubbock – Bad Axe Raider is located downtown at 1408 Ave. F. It’s like darts, but you are throwing axes and they have a wide variety to choose from.

  I Beat Pete: Wine Glass Tower

We went out to llano Estacado Winery for a wine glass tower challenge. Don’t worry they’re plastic, not glass.

  I Beat Pete: 3 point musical chairs

We headed out to Lorenzo for a pressure-packed challenge with the Lorenzo Lady Hornets, three-point musical chairs. Starting at center court, we had five players and Lorenzo had five players.

  I Beat Pete: I-Top challenge vs. New Deal

The first challenge of 2019 is against the 14th ranked New Deal Lion Basketball Team. It’s the I-Top challenge.

  I Beat Pete: Santa Land Christmas tree ring toss

This week on I Beat Pete, we went out to Santa Land for a Christmas Tree Ring Toss.

  I Beat Pete: Field goal kicking in Ronald McDonald’s shoes

This week we headed to Texas Tech’s Sports Performance Center for a fun challenge with some Red Raider greats and tried kicking field goals wearing Ronald McDonald’s big red shoes to spotlight the Ronald McDonald House.

  I Beat Pete: Hula Hoop Hop Rock Paper Scissors

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Dunbar College Preparatory Academy to face the 7th grade athletic girls in a game made popular by a viral video.

  I Beat Pete: Slingshot basketball against Petersburg Buffaloes

For my 925th I Beat Pete Challenge, I headed out to Petersburg for a slingshot basketball challenge against the Buffaloes football team.

  I Beat Pete: Beard Challenge

We headed out to Our Promise Youth Academy in Brownfield to play the youth in foosball, air hockey and free throw shooting while wearing beards.

  I Beat Pete: Haunted Hayride Slingshot Challenge

For this challenge, we went out to Woodrow Haunted Manor at 512 Woodrow Road. We got on a moving hayride and with a slingshot tried to hit targets on pumpkins out in the field.

  I Beat Pete: Tractor Jousting

This week we headed out to the Bayer Museum of Agriculture for a fun yet difficult challenge of tractor jousting. Riding on a tractor holding a pool cue, you had to drive around and spear 6 disc hanging from a pole. However, with our West Texas wind, the discs were moving all over the place.

  I Beat Pete: facing 100 MPH pitches

With the Major League Baseball playoffs underway, this week we headed out to Bobby Livingston’s Baseball and Softball Facility to face 100 MPH pitches.

  I Beat Pete: Apple Olympics in Idalou

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Idalou for an apple Olympics challenge at the apple orchard...

  I Beat Pete: Cowboy Nerf Gun Challenge

With the Cowboy Symposium this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Civic Center, we got some plastic six-guns for a Nerf gun challenge.

  I Beat Pete: Tablecloth Volleyball

The 25th Step Out to Stop Diabetes Walk is Sept. 22 at McKenzie Park. Get a team together and come out for this great cause.

  I Beat Pete: Putting vs. Shallowater Coaches

The Shallowater Athletic Booster club is holding a golf scramble and dinner and dance Aug. 11 at Hillcrest to raise money for athletic equipment for their student athletes.

  I Beat Pete: Grape Olympics in Brownfield

Brownfield is the Grape Capital of Texas. This Friday and Saturday is the 6th annual Vineyard Festival.

  I Beat Pete: Stand Up Paddle Board Races

Former Texas Tech Rodeo Coach Brent Hodges and his wife Velvet are behind teaching folks how to safely paddle, stand up and balance to have fun in the West Texas sun.

  I Beat Pete: Hot Wheels

I headed out to Levelland where Saturday they host their 57th Early Settlers' Day on the downtown square.

  I Beat Pete: Upper 90 Soccer Challenge

With the World Cup into the Semifinals, we accepted a soccer challenge from FC Dallas WTX 04G Lugo, a Lubbock U14 girls team that earned a qualifying spot to play in Dallas and went on to win the North Texas Presidents Cup, allowing them to compete in South Carolina.

  I Beat Pete: Finding Beep Baseball

This week on I Beat Pete, we took on Alstrom Angels as they prepare for their annual Beepball Tournament.

I Beat Pete: Hitting & Pitching Challenge

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Extra Innings, a new indoor baseball and softball training facility.

I Beat Pete: Playing a gentler version of Dodgeball in Wolfforth

First Baptist Church in Wolfforth is hosting a GaGa ball tournament this Saturday June 2, starting at 10 a.m.

  I Beat Pete: Are you smarter than an Alderson 5th grader challenge

With school wrapping up, I headed out to Alderson Elementary for an academic/athletic challenge of Are You Smarter Than An Alderson 5th Grader.

I Beat Pete: Mud Volleyball

This week on I Beat Pete we played mud volleyball ahead of the 10th annual Peace Love Mud Volleyball Tournament this weekend at 130th and University.

I Beat Pete: Tortilla Toss vs. On the Border

With Cinco de Mayo this Saturday, we accepted a challenge from On The Border - a tortilla toss challenge.

I Beat Pete: Annual high heel challenge vs. Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Detention Response Team

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is this Saturday, April 29 at a new location, Lowe's Home Improvement at 5022 West Loop 289.

  I Beat Pete: Water trikes

This week, I headed out to Buffalo Springs Lake to race water trikes against the Texas Tech Wakeboard Team.

I Beat Pete: Pitching snowballs for strikes

We were challenged by The Children's Home of Lubbock as they are looking for foster parents in the area.

I Beat Pete: Wiffle ball vs. New Home baseball

This week we headed out to New Home, where they are seeing growth with families moving in. New Home is moving up from six-man football to play 11-man football.

I Beat Pete: Pray At the Jones Disc Toss

This week we headed out to Jones AT&T Stadium with a 5-0 record in 2018 for a Frisbee/disc toss.

900th I Beat Pete: Rattlesnake racing

I started I Beat Pete back in 1995 and tonight is my 900th challenge. We headed out to Sweetwater to race rattlesnakes. The 60th annual rattlesnake roundup will be from March 9-11 at the Nolan County Coliseum in Sweetwater. We were supposed to race in the Mustang Bowl but it was too cold so me moved inside the field house. It’s my 900th I Beat Pete challenge tonight on Sports Xtra at 10:30pm rattlesnake racing in Sweetwater. pic.twitter.com/eoSriStlKI — Pete Christy ...

  I Beat Pete: Longball challenge in Abernathy

A special challenge out in Abernathy this week, as Abernathy ISD works to help a Texas school damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

  I Beat Pete: Inflatable Basketball Long Shot

This week, I headed out to Jump N Jungle for an Inflatable Basketball Challenge!

  I Beat Pete: Basketball Golf vs. Lubbock Girls Basketball

Lubbock Girls Basketball has sign-ups for the upcoming season starting Jan. 9 at Cardinal's from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. For more information and other signup times, visit LubbockGirlsBasketball.com.

  I Beat Pete: Snowball Throw & Catch at Santa Land

This week we headed out to Santa Land at Mackenzie Park for a snowball toss and catch challenge. Santa Land is now open 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. until Dec. 23.

  I Beat Pete: Motorcycle Water Balloon Toss

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed over to Wild West Harley Davidson for a motorcycle water balloon toss.

  I Beat Pete: Facing Former Red Raider Manny Ramirez

This week on I Beat Pete, I faced former Red Raider and NFL star Manny Ramirez.

I Beat Pete: Boomerang Challenge at Outback Steakhouse

This week on I Beat Pete, we faced Outback SteakHouse throwing boomerangs for accuracy.

I Beat Pete: Softball Golf vs. Roosevelt Lady Eagles

After 20 years on Wednesdays, I Beat Pete now can be seen every Sunday night on KCBD Sports Xtra at 10:30 p.m.

I Beat Pete: Facing Abernathy Antelopes

This week we headed out to D1 Sports Training as they invited the Abernathy Antelopes out to honor them for their 12-3 State Semifinal football season.

I Beat Pete: Marshmallow Shootout at Santa Land

This week on I Beat Pete, we headed out to Santa Land, which is open for the 60th year. We used marshmallow blasters that shoot marshmallows up to 40 feet.

I Beat Pete: Shopping Spree vs. Coach Kattwinkel

This week on I Beat Pete, we went out to the new United Supermarket that opened Wednesday out at 1585 and Indiana for a shopping spree challenge.

I Beat Pete: Archery Tag

It's a new competition in Lubbock called Archery Tag. It's like paintball and dodgeball, but you hit each other with foam-tipped arrows.

I Beat Pete: 3-point shooting at New Eagles Nest in O'Donnell

The girls basketball season is underway and there's plenty of excitement in O'Donnell.