Idalou's hidden musical talents

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IDALOU, TX (KCBD) - Most Grammy nominees spend their day with a microphone in their hands, not plates of food, but that's what makes Shelly Lares different.

"I've grown really close to the Idalou community," said Lares. And that community of just over 2,000 knows all about her.  "Word gets around that Shelly is at Casa De Miguel in Idalou, little bitty Idalou and so people start coming around," said Owner of Casa De Miguel Isabel Martinez.

Martinez's official title is the Owner of Casa de Miguel, a local Mexican restaurant, but the title she prefers is leader of the Shelly Lares fan club."I've known her from the late 80's because we use to go to her concerts when I was younger, because she was always coming to Lubbock," said Martinez.

But never did she imagine that the sounds of an artist heard across the world, would be gracing her restaurant. You see, Shelly is a pioneer of sorts in the Tejano music genre, and she's well recognized for work. "I was inducted into the Tejano music hall of Fame last year when I celebrated my 25th year and its nice because I'm the youngest in the Tejano music hall of fame," said Lares.

So how'd she end up here in Idalou? She's a San Antonio native with a busy lifestyle. "She was like, 'Ok let me go hang out with you guys.' She started hanging out with us and little by little she was like 'let me help you guys out'," said Martinez.

But as you might guess it's not the tips that keep her coming back, instead the people. "How they come together to help each other out, and that's one thing that I see about Idalou, it's a very close community," said Lares. Shelly does have a fan base to share though.

Shelly waits tables just about a mile away from where we find David and Lynette Abbott. While their names might not sound familiar, chances are you've heard of their son. "I'm no longer known as David Abbott, I'm now known as Joshua's dad. Yeah, we're Josh Abbott's parents now," said Abbott.

Up and coming country star, and the leader of the Josh Abbott Band, grew up right here in Idalou. "When he was younger I think he had the desire to be maybe into coaching he loves sports and then later he wanted to be a politician," said Abbott.

Josh went to Texas Tech for neither. "We're glad he got the communications degree because he can fall back on that and he can even use that in the music business," said Mrs. Abbott.

But by the way things look now, falling back on something else won't be necessary. "I don't think any of us thought it was going to take off the way that it has," said Mrs. Abbott.

The Josh Abbott Band has had airplay in nearly every radio market in Texas. "Right now he is working on a CD of his newest songs," said Abbott. And when it comes out, his parents think the sky will be the limit. "He is allowing them to see a little bit more of his music and maybe talk to them about recording," said Abbott.

One thing is for sure though, no matter where in the country he's performing, or how big his band gets, his parents know he'll always have one place in his heart. "Josh loves Idalou, I've even heard him say if it is possible he would like to raise his own kids and have them go to Idalou Schools. I don't know if that will happen or not, but that desire is there in his heart so that speaks highly of Idalou I think," said Mrs. Abbott.

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