Whatever Happened to Darlie Routier's Appeal?

Published: Apr. 1, 2003 at 2:59 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 12, 2014 at 1:45 AM CST
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In 1997, former Lubbock resident Darlie Routier was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. Prosecutors say the 33 year old mother of three, stabbed two of her children to death while they were sleeping in their suburban Dallas home.

Six year old Devon and his five year old brother Damon died from multiple stab wounds. But, to this day, Darlie and her husband Darin insist the attack was the work of an intruder.

Condemned child killer Darlie Routier has been sitting on death row for six years. Every three weeks for the past six years, her husband Darin has visited her. Darin has stood by Darlie's side from the very beginning and insists there's no way his wife killed their children. And he believes one day Darlie will walk free.

Darin Routier says right now there's an innocent woman sitting on death row. "There was an intruder who came into my house, who killed my children and left my wife for dead."

In the attack, the two boys, Devon and Damon, were brutally stabbed to death in their Rowlett home. Darlie was injured as well, but prosecutors argued Darlie's wounds were self inflicted. A jury agreed, but Darin insists the jury was brainwashed. Manipulated by an overzealous prosecutor. "They convicted Darlie on character assassination and if we start doin' that in our criminal justice system, then everybody's gonna be guilty," says Darin.

Part of the prosecution's case was a birthday party held at Devon's grave site just days after the murders. Darlie is seen spraying Silly String on the graves. For a mother already under the spotlight, the prosecution jumped on her behavior that day as inappropriate and inconsistent with a grieving and traumatized mother. "They called Darlie every bad name in the book and she's not any of those things," says Darin.

Now, Darin says new fingerprint evidence proves Darlie was wrongfully convicted. A renowned anthropology team from the University of Tennessee has determined there's a ninety percent chance the fingerprint, lifted from the coffee table, was left by someone other than those known to be in the house both during and after the attack. "So, if the fingerprint doesn't belong to Devon or Damon, doesn't belong to me or Darlie, doesn't belong to the firefighters, paramedics, police or investigators, and it's in blood, it's got to be an intruder. That's what we've been saying all along," says Darin.

Now, that new scientific evidence, which was perhaps lacking in the first trial, has been filed and a state judge must decide whether it warrants a hearing. That could ultimately lead to a new trial. Darin says this evidence is the miracle his family has been waiting for. He went to see Darlie the day before our interview. "She's very aware of what's going on in the world. She's concerned about the war and concerned about her family," says Darin.

Darlie and Darin's son Drake, who was in another room during the attack was unharmed. He's now seven. Darin didn't want us to photograph Drake in order to protect his privacy, but Darin says the first grader is a straight A student, well-adjusted, well mannered and visits his mom about once a week.

Darin says this fingerprint is indisputable evidence it was an intruder who killed his boys. A judge is likely to make a ruling on that evidence in June or July. We'll keep you posted. Darin and Darlie met in Lubbock and Darin says quote, 'when' Darlie gets out they will move back to Lubbock to rebuild their lives.