Dr. Tedd Mitchell with his President's Prescription

Dr. Tedd Mitchell is joining our HealthWise team.  He's sort of a rancher and a cowboy in his other life, and it's not unusual to find him on a tractor when he's trying to chill out.  However, Dr. Tedd Mitchell has a much more important job that affects several hundred thousand people in this community and beyond.

As President of the Texas Tech Health Science Center, Dr. Mitchell leads 8 campuses. The biggest one here in Lubbock, but also one in Amarillo, El Paso, Abilene, Midland, Odessa, Marble Falls, and Dallas.

First, here's a look at the man behind the corner office. Then, we'll tell you what he's doing exclusively for KCBD NewsChannel 11.

"We have a couple hundred acres and there is always something that needs to be done. Hay needs to be cut. Fences need to be fixed, so I go there to unwind."

It's called the "Rancho Cinco Emmes" or the 5 M's ranch, which is the five in the Mitchell family, who meet at their personal playground near Dallas.

It was a year ago in April when Dr. Mitchell was introduced as the new President of the Texas Tech Health Science Center. "It's an absolute honor. My wife and I are excited about this new chapter."  Now, more than 6,000 employees know him as the "big" man in the corner office.

At 6'2", he looks like he played football somewhere, but turns out he's a life-long swimmer. "I almost swam in college.  My father [a doctor] said 'the chances of you swimming and pre-med and doing both well are slim, and how many professional swimmers do you know?"

Dr. Tedd Mitchell poured his energy into medical school instead, and the more he learned, the more he was convinced the best prescription for healthy living was "physical activity."  "I've said this before in lectures when Ponce De Leon came looking for the fountain of youth.  He should have been looking for a gymnasium."

Dr. Mitchell is passionate about exercise.  For 12 years in Dallas, while CEO of the famed Cooper Institute, he was also a contributor for USA Today.  Dr. Mitchell wrote a column called "Health Smart' every weekend.  He also traveled as a high profile motivational speaker.  All this, while publishing a book called "Move Yourself."

Dr. Tedd Mitchell was and still is Former President George W. Bush's personal physician.

Now, Dr. Mitchell brings that message to community groups here, like the one at BodyWorks.

He swims and lifts weights as often as he can.  After his morning run long distance with his wife, Dr. Janet Tornelli-Mitchell, who still lives in Dallas, while their two boys finish high school.  " We get up at 5:00 in the morning.  I'm in Lubbock and she's in Dallas."  " We get on the telephone, and I'm on the treadmill, and she's running through the neighborhood, so we are together in the mornings."

While Dr. Mitchell waits for his family to move here, he's making time now for his new friends in West Texas.  He is hoping to motivate You with his Life-long prescription for long life.

"I'm really passionate about trying to get people to stay active."

That is the President's Prescription.  It's a segment Dr. Mitchell will bring you exclusively on KCBD NewsChannel 11 every Sunday night, and it's starting this Sunday.

The segment will hopefully help you and your family learn about healthy living; with the prescription you need to look and feel better.

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