Billboards claim world will end Saturday

Harold Camping
Harold Camping

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Billboards across Lubbock claim the world will end Saturday the 21st of May. There are 10 billboards in Lubbock, but thousands more worldwide.

Family Radio in California says they want to alert people to what they say is the second coming of Christ. However, one local Pastor says the group is taking the Bible out of context.

Harold Camping, the man behind the billboards, says the world will end on May 21st.

"Judgement day is May 21, 2011, and it is going to happen," Camping asserted.

It seems there are more skeptics than believers.

"I think its funny; I'm a Christian, and no man will be able to predict the date," Lubbock resident Samuel Carrera said.

"I don't believe it; only God knows," Lubbock resident Jessica Lorenzo said.

Pastor Jeremiah Sargent agrees and says the Bible states it clearly. "The Lord says it is an hour no man knoweth. Not even the angels know. Only God the father knows when he'll return," Sargent explained.

Camping says a major earthquake will destroy the world on May 21st. "On May 21st a terrific earthquake, way greater than anything the world has ever seen, will present itself on judgement day," Camping said.

"The rest of the world will know instantly that the world is ending, because they will be able to witness the events until it is 6:00 p.m. in their city," Camping continued.

So, could it all be true? Pastor Sargent says the evidence just isn't there.

"What he's done through mathematical calculations is said that May 21, 2011 is 7000 years ago when Noah entered the arc, and the Lord does talk about that the days of Noah, but the billboard group misinterpreted it.  Seven is God's number and 7000 we're at that year on the dot, but he really doesn't have the solid evidence, so he's taking it out of context," Sargent explained.

The 89-year-old minister behind the May 21st doomsday campaign says he has no doubt that the world is ending in two days.

"It is going to happen; we don't say maybe.  That's why we're warning the world that it will happen," Camping said.

For more information about the billboards and the "Save the Date: May 21, 2011 - Judgement Day" you can visit the web site for the group sponsoring the campaign at:

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