Kalyn shares her miracle story after a tragic car accident

Life can change in a second, and that's exactly what happened nine months ago for Kalyn Bateman. She was 16 years old when she lost control of her SUV right outside her house.

Kalyn flipped five times, and despite wearing a seat belt, she was violently thrown into the ditch. Remarkably, she was alert and awake. She had several broken bones, but doctors would soon find out just how bad her injuries were in the operating room.  Laurie Bateman, Kalyn's mom, stated that "when a surgeon came out, he said 'this was worse than we thought it was.'  She had a small flap of skin and bone holding her arm on."

Kalyn's left arm was partially amputated. After four surgeries and months of physical therapy, Kalyn is one of the miracle stories in our CMN broadcast this weekend.  She is anxious to show you how far she's come since the accident, and you'll hear how her gift from Children's Miracle Network has inspired her to give back.

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