Search efforts for Hailey Dunn have stopped due to a few problems

A once united group, determined to find and bring Hailey Dunn home is now exhausted, divided, frustrated, and broke.

Search volunteer Holly Jenkins says just the financial burden of gas money to keep up the search efforts has become hefty. Jenkins tells the NBC television affiliate in Midland, KWES 9, that 300 volunteers have dwindled to less than 10.

Also, if Hailey has been murdered and buried in a shallow grave it would be nearly impossible to spot after all this time.

Jenkins states, "They tell us to look for overturned dirt. Well, after six months you don't really know what overturned dirt was six months ago. You don't really know what you're looking for anymore."

13-year-old Hailey Darlene Dunn disappeared from Colorado City the last week of December. Her mom's live-in boyfriend was named as a person of interest but no charges were ever filed and there's still no signs of Hailey. Both Hailey's mother and her boyfriend have moved away from Colorado City.

There is good news to follow this bad news, Jenkins says searches will go on again if enough folks step forward to volunteer.