Hailey Dunn's grandmother says she could be dead

COLORADO CITY, TX (KCBD) - Wednesday will be seven months since Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn vanished.

Investigators say they are still continuing to follow leads, but some are giving up hope she will be found alive.

"She's all I think about - I don't think of anyone else. Thinking that I may never see her again," Connie Jones, Hailey's Grandmother, said.

For the past seven months, Jones says she wakes up every morning terrified and sad.

"Not knowing if she's alright, if she's hurting, if she's hungry, if she's cool," Jones said. "If she's alive."

Jones says it's hard to face the possibility that Hailey could be dead.  However, she says it's harder simply not knowing anything at all.

"Imagine what hell is like - just imagine someone in your family missing and not knowing where she's at," Jones said.

In the past month, search teams have called off their efforts.  Not enough volunteers were showing up, money was running out, and the heat was making it difficult.

"We haven't forgotten about Hailey. We are going to continue to work the case," Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer said.

Kampfer says several different law enforcement agencies are working to find Hailey.

"As a basis of what's going on, there are leads that are always being developed," Kampfer said.

Meantime, Connie says she hasn't given up hope of finding Hailey.  However, she worries she won't be found alive.  When asked if she believed Hailey was still alive, Connie answered: "No ma'am.  I don't."

Investigators say Hailey's mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, remains a person of interest in the case.  However, no charges have been filed.

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