Drought Man crawls across Lubbock man's yard

One Lubbock man has found a way to keep his sense of humor in this dreadful heat wave.   His creation is called Drought Man.

Albert Angel and his neighbor, Sheri Lewis, have a friendly rivalry when it comes to yard décor.  It was actually Lewis who tipped off KCBD NewsChannel 11 with a picture of Drought Man in Angel's yard on the 4900 block of 16th Street.

Drought Man is a skeleton clad in dry torn up clothes.  Angel moves it each day a little close to a decorative water fountain.

Lewis says, "It started out in the middle of the yard, and every day he would crawl a little farther. A different arm would be extended.  His leg would be father out until he made it to the fountain."

"People have stopped and asked me, 'Can we take picture for Facebook?' As long as I'm not in the picture," Angel says. "That could be me one day. I don't know!"

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