Getting your flu shot may be easier than you expect

In Washington today, health experts said the flu shot this year is identical to last year's shot, but that doesn't mean you can skip it. The CDC says any American over six months of age needs a flu shot every year.  They say it is especially important for pregnant women, children younger than five, and people older than fifty.

New this year, the vaccine comes in several forms.  There's an intra-dermal vaccine that uses a much smaller needle, there's a high-dose vaccine for older adults, and more nasal vaccines available for kids.  In all, there will be 170 million doses available this year.

If you haven't gotten your flu shot, tomorrow is Lubbock's annual drive thru flu clinic.  All you have to do is get in the car, and drive to the Health Department. Nurses will be standing by in the parking lot waiting for you to roll down the window, and roll up your sleeve.

The clinic starts tomorrow morning from 10:00 until 1:00 at the corner of 19th and Texas Ave. Shots will only be given to adults 19 and older.  You'll need 20 dollars for the shot.  Cash or checks will be accepted, but Medicare will not be accepted.

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