9 arrested for heroin trafficking in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - One person allegedly involved in a heroin ring was arrested Thursday morning at 13th and Avenue Q in Lubbock - one of 9 arrested in Lubbock.

"These suspects have been connected with the Barrio Aztecas gang, a prison gang and Mexican drug cartels," Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman John Gonzales said.

Seven other suspected members of the drug trafficking operation have been arrested in El Paso, San Angelo, San Antonio, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

One suspect was arrested at the Lubbock Lighthouse. Open for more than a year, the Lighthouse is a non-profit methadone and suboxone treatment facility. Methadone can be given to recovering heroin and opiate addicts.

Lubbock attorney Fernando Bustos is representing the Lubbock Lighthouse. Bustos says to his knowledge the facility is not under criminal investigation. He says there was no search warrant for the facility, just a warrant for one employee - Ramona Kile, 63.
Bustos released the following statement on behalf of the Lubbock Lighthouse: "Today one of our employees was arrested by the Texas Department of Public Safety at the clinic. However, no law enforcement agency has implicated the clinic in any alleged wrongdoing.  The employee is on paid leave pending an internal investigation."

Bustos says Kile did not have access to money or medications at the facility.

Kile was the suspect seen escorted from Lubbock Lighthouse into a State Trooper's car. She is behind bars in the Lubbock County Detention Center charged with organized criminal activity, a 1st degree felony. 

The 19 suspects were recently indicted by a Lubbock Grand Jury on a total of 54 felony counts. The counts include: engaging in organized criminal activity, possession with intent to distribute heroin, and money laundering.

Texas DPS released a list of 9 individuals who were arrested in Lubbock. Birth dates have been included for identification:

Cynthia Ramirez 5/4/83

Christopher Mark Gonzales 3/2/71

Ramona Beth Kile 4/18/48

Anthony Roy Fields 7/7/77

John Patrick Helm 2/21/79

Hunter Zachary Zweig 12/2/85

Gina Marie York 9/6/59

Mary Alice West 10/12/37

Bryce Eric Embry 8/17/82

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