Lubbock restaurant helps victim's family in deadly stabbing

Jeffrey McKinney Source: LSO
Jeffrey McKinney Source: LSO

Very few details have been released on Saturday's deadly stabbing that ended in one man dead and his brother behind bars charged with murder. Just one day later, victim's employer Home Café took donations to help the grieving family with funeral expenses.

Around 5p.m. on Saturday Lubbock Police were called out to the 1900 block of East Brown Street. When they arrived they found 42-year-old Caveness DeShaun McKinney stabbed several times with a kitchen knife. He was taken to UMC where he was pronounced dead.

Hours later, police arrested his brother 49-year-old Jeffrey McKinney and charged him with Caveness's murder. Police have not released any information on what caused the fight and stabbing.

"Just in shock really," said Jason Diehl, owner of Home Café and Caveness's boss. "You just can't prepare for that."

Jason says Caveness goes by Shaun, and has worked at the café as a dishwasher for the last half year. This morning one of Shaun's neighbors came into the restaurant telling them of Shaun's death. "It was definitely a somber environment this morning. It was different, just a little bit quieter. He definitely had an impact and all my kitchen staff was really close with him," said Jason.

On Sunday morning after learning of Shaun's death, Jason and his wife decided to place fliers on all the café's tables stating "We are sorry to say that there has been a death in the Home Café family." It goes on to say that Shaun had been killed and the restaurant would be taking donations to help the family with funeral expenses.

In just four hours, the café raised $350 to give to the McKinney's. "I guess in the greater realm of things it's not a huge amount but I thought it was really awesome of our patrons to be able to contribute that much," said Jason.

Although he had only worked at the café for six months, Jason said he made a huge impact on the people he worked with. "We just loved him to death. Anyone who works for us is family," said Jason holding back tears. "He was a sweet guy, and he gave to us, so we just want to give back. We'll miss him."

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