New allegations of Chicago police corruption linked to 2009 Lubbock case

An FBI dive team sets up camp along White River near Crosbyton in mid-April of 2009
An FBI dive team sets up camp along White River near Crosbyton in mid-April of 2009

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Newly released court records now show a connection between a criminal case prosecuted in Lubbock, organized crime, and corruption in the Chicago police department.

Back in 2009 a Lubbock grand jury indicted 17 members of a street gang called the All Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation. There was a long list of allegations including a drive-by murder in Big Spring.

Jose Nava and James Cole were sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in the drive by shooting in which six people were shot with an AK-47. Two adults and an unborn child died in the shooting. Parts of the gun were later found near Crosbyton in White River.

Ultimately, 18 co-defendants pleaded guilty in Lubbock federal court and were sentenced for the 2009 case.

The newly released indictment and the 2009 Lubbock indictment share a common defendant, Hiluterio Chavez. The new indictment says back in 2005 Chavez made a trip from Chicago to Big Spring on a gun running mission.

The new indictment also mentions the Big Spring drive-by murder. It also accuses two Chicago police officers, Alex Guerrero and Anthony Martinez of helping the Latin Kings in carrying out various crimes.

In one instance, Martinez and Guerrero allowed Chavez to go with them under the false pretense of being a police officer. The new indictment says Chavez even handcuffed a man in an armed robbery that was made to look like a legitimate police operation.

Overall the 46-page indictment lists gun running, drug dealing, kidnapping and murder.

In August of 2009, Hiluterio Chavez was sentenced here in Lubbock to almost eight years in federal prison for three different counts of illegal weapons possession.

In the new indictment Chavez is charged with Conspiracy to Participate in Racketeering, along with a charge related to distribution of both cocaine and marijuana.

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