Battery operated toys can be harmful to children

Just think a minute about all the things in your house that run by battery.  From toys to kitchen gadgets to the remote control on the coffee table, more and more kids are ending up in the hospital with symptoms that look like the flu.  However, it turns out they've swallowed a small battery.

When that gets lodged in the throat, it only takes a few hours for that battery to create an electrical current, and burn through tissue. In the meantime, parents and even doctors can be fooled by the symptoms.

Dr. Kris Jatana said, "Children will have non-specific symptoms, such as a cough, a fever, uh, they're more irritable. Symptoms that are consistent that you see in a common viral illness with children."

A 2010 study from the National Capital Poison Center found an almost 7-fold increase in battery ingestions over the past 25 years. Thirteen children have died because of that.

Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is taking a closer look at batteries, and encouraging parents to make sure battery containers are sealed well, and not a temptation for kids.

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