Ready Set Grow - Radio

Pros - Radio stations attract listeners according to individual tastes, which allows advertisers to target stations that appeal to specific groups of people. This give you the opportunity to pinpoint target audiences. Radio is high in audience loyalty. The same people tend to tune to the same stations at the same time each day which leads to frequency in an advertiser's message. Radio is flexible, last-minute copy charges can be made very quickly. It is also relatively inexpensive to buy.

Cons - Many of Radio's strengths can also seen as weaknesses.  With many niche stations and frequently changing formats there is often no guarantee of a longterm deliverable audience. Multiple stations, formats, and fragmented audiences can make buying Radio difficult. In order to reach a substantial market, numerous stations must be bought. While individual stations can be cheap, cost can mount as multiple stations are bought. Radio also tends to be a background medium, secondary to another activity such as driving or work.  Because of this, it can be difficult to catch and hold a listener's attention long enough to get an advertising message across. In addition, newer technologies such as MP3 players, satellite radio, internet streaming services, and cellphones are taking a larger percent of consumers' time each day.