KCBD investigates mysterious lights over Lubbock

An unidentified flying object. Dancing lights. Something unexplainable. Those are the accounts of what some Lubbockites saw in the skies Sunday.

The National Weather Service has no weather explanation. Some are calling it an unidentified flying object.

Ethan McHan said around 10 p.m. he drove back to Lubbock from New Home and came into contact with the mysterious sight on the interstate.

"I noticed it in my review mirror. It flashed a bright green color, real quick and went away. It turned a pale orange and went back to the normal star looking color," said McHan.

Mandi Cheek also in the Southeast Lubbock at the time had a similar description of the bright lights.

"It wasn't really moving and I thought it was a pole. It would start moving downward slowly and then it fell and started free falling," said Cheek.

In that same part of town, Shannon Uhlir says he was standing in his front yard when he noticed the mysterious colors.

"There was no helicopter or airplane noise," said Uhlir.

He was in the Navy for six years and he says he's never seen anything like it.

"I just remember the lights were really, really bright blue, red and green," said Uhlir.

Dozens of similar reports flooded the newsroom Monday morning, so we took them to astronomy expert Dr. Maurice Clark.

"Sirius is rising around sundown, so people are likely to see it low on the horizon," said Clark.

He says Sirius is one of the brightest stars this time of the year.

"It's pretty common," said Clark.

That is just one explanation. Some of our viewers, who saw the lights, say a man was taking pictures with a flying camera.

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