Parents caught on video encouraging girls to fight

Still frame taken from fight video
Still frame taken from fight video

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We've already seen some local school fights broadcast on YouTube, but now we've got one that includes parents.

A recent fight video has been circulating on the internet. One adult is seen shoving a teen and threatening others if they interfere.

We're told that two freshmen girls from Frenship High School had a disagreement that turned into pushing, shoving and brutal hitting.

The father of the girl in the white shirt is seen in the video, egging the fight on. At other points that same parent and the mother are seen pushing the girl in the black shirt.

Witnesses say the father even brought a bat to the fight, threatening to hurt someone.

"When you hear that, what are you going to think," said Elisa Navarrette, the mother of the girl in the black shirt.

Elisa says she heard her daughter may have started the fight, and she does not condone that.

"If they did go to her house like I'm hearing, she should have called the cops," she said.

In the video, you hear violent slaps and punches. At one point Elisa's daughter lays still, not moving.

Elisa says she had to take her daughter to the hospital with a concussion, bruises and black eyes.

"As grownups, we have the ability to talk about it and reason. We don't watch someone get beat up. We're not animals," Elisa said.

Elisa is pressing charges against the parents who, she says, did nothing to stop the fight from happening.

"I would have never let that happen to her daughter and watch her get beat up like that," Elisa said.

Her husband, Paul Navarette, says he couldn't bear to watch the video or see a man place hands on his daughter. He says their family continues to be threatened.

Recently, Paul says, girls came to their house to fight their daughter again. He says he doesn't want this to go further.

"Ten years ago, there probably would have been a homicide," Paul said.

Witnesses tell us the other parents say they were acting in self defense. The Navarette's say they are in touch with Lubbock detectives and LPD is investigating.

Frenship ISD says the fight was not on their campus so it is not within their jurisdiction.

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