Family Searches for Answers in Murder of Lubbock Man

Lubbock Sheriff's Office
Lubbock Sheriff's Office

Julio Arismendez was reported missing by his family on June 11th. Earlier this week, his body was found in an abandoned farmhouse south of Anton and US 84 near FM 21-30.

Lubbock police have one suspect in custody, Michael Moreno Gomez. The 23-year-old was arrested Saturday on unrelated charges. As of Friday night he remains in the Lubbock County Jail.

Now the family of Julio Arismendez is asking for your help. They invited NewsChannel 11 into their home today in an attempt to plea to the public for answers.

21-year-old Julio Arismendez, left behind a grieving family with unanswered questions. "We just want to know why it happened and it's not fair, not fair to us," said Julio Arismendez, the victim's father.

He is described by his family simply as "a good kid." Julio's parents were never concerned with his safety but they were never really aware of his company. "We don't know who he hung around with or what's going on," Julio said.

When Julio didn't return home after what his parents thought was a routine weekend off with his friends, his father made his normal round of calls to locate his son but found nothing. "Normally when a dad calls around, I get a phone call back in five minutes, but not this time, so we knew something was wrong," said Julio.

After learning their son was murdered Julio's family was shocked to learn that they knew the suspect. "They were surprised because they thought the boy knew him better but you never know what's going on in a person's mind," stated Gordon Bohannon, Hockley County Sheriff's Department.

Now Julio's family urges anyone with any information to come forward. "we really want whoever's involved to step up and say something right now while you have the chance," says Norma Arismendez, Julio's mother.

Services for Julio are scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. at Resthaven Funeral Home.