Protect yourself by getting a flu shot this fall

The South Plains Fair doesn't just signal the coming of fall, but also that it's time to protect against the flu.  Right on cue, both the shots and flu-mist nasal spray are being delivered now to doctors' offices and pharmacy clinics across the country.

The CDC reports more than 85-million doses of the flu vaccine are flying across the United States. While last year's flu season was mild, experts say the flu is unpredictable.   Along with frequent hand washing, the vaccine is the best protection we have.  Dr. Howard Koh said, "A recent CDC study for the 2010-2011 season estimated that flu vaccine that year prevented almost 5 million cases, two million medical visits, and an estimated 40,000 hospitalizations."

Federal Health Officials recommend everyone over the age of six months get vaccinated, including pregnant women.

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