Lubbock man flies flag upside down to protest Obama's re-election

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Three days after the end of a contentious presidential race, one Lubbock man has turned his American flag upside down to protest Barack Obama's re-election.

But the display is upsetting his neighbors, and others who drive by his 82nd Street home.

The property owner, who would not speak on camera, said he is not ashamed. He says the only thing shameful is the direction America is going after President Obama's win on Tuesday.

But one of his neighbors, a 7-year U.S. Army veteran, says the display symbolizes complete disrespect for our country.

"It's why people died overseas," he said, "and why they are dying right now. It's wrong. It's just wrong. And during a time of war? Give me a break."

The man says his protest is not meant as an insult to veterans. In fact, he plans to turn the flag right-side up on Sunday in their honor. Then on Monday, it will go upside down again.

And the flag's owner says he's not alone. He says his uncle is flying his flag the same way, just one street over.

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