Red Cross emphasizes importance of donations for fire victims

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Investigators say a 2,400 square foot house in the 6900 block of 91st is a complete loss after a fire started from discarded fireplace ashes left on the back porch. No one was home when the fire broke out.

"It was a chaotic scene at the fire, as any fire really is. The sun was setting and there were a lot of trucks, a lot of firefighters and a lot of neighbors on hand so there was a lot of chaos and confusion out there," said American Red Cross Volunteer Bill Curnow. He was at the fire to provide aid to the homeowners.

"We did help them with assistance for food, clothing and bedding materials, so that they can get the recovery started," Curnow said. However none of the aid he provides to families is possible without community support.

"You know everything we did last night and earlier in the week with the fire on the east side of Lubbock was all due to donations. We are not a line item with a government budget anywhere, so we depend solely upon the contributions of people like you," he said.

Curnow says as the weather gets colder the Red Cross sees an increase in fires, mostly due to space heaters, overused electrical systems and the infamous deep frying of turkeys.

He says it's important for people to be careful as temperatures drop.

"Make sure that we're heating our homes safely and responsibly that we're not leaving candles unattended. Above all else that we make sure that we have functioning smoke detectors in the house."

If you would like to donate, you can go to or call (806)-765-8534.

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