City Council postpones synthetic drug ban decision

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As part of our ongoing coverage of the public outcry surrounding the use of dangerous synthetic drugs by Lubbock-area youth, KCBD investigated the existing state law that bans the use of certain chemicals typically found in "legal" pot substitutes.

Owner of Dirt City Smoke Shop Clifton Hudson said despite this state-wide ban, manufactures are still finding ways to get around it.

"It's a never ending battle. The second they sit there and take one list of chemicals and ban all those, then they take all those chemicals, put them back into the laboratory and then find a way to change the molecular structure so now it's one molecule off," he said.

Hudson said the product is essentially the same, but by law, it's considered something completely different.

Mayor Robertson said whenever a ban was put into place in the past, but because of this loophole, the product could still be found in smoke shops a month later.

"We want to do something. But we want to make sure that what we do is right, and that it's enforceable. So we don't want to just rush in out there and pass an ordinance that has no teeth," Mayor Robertson said.

Mayor Robertson and city attorney Sam Medina are looking into all options to minimize these loopholes.

"It's a tough position to be in as Mayor, knowing that this is going on in our city right now and having to wait another two and a half or three weeks before we can take action as a Council," Robertson said.

Initially, the city planned to reveal what their legal actions were by this Thursday. However, that discussion has been extended because they said they need more time and need to do more research.

Mayor Robertson says they expect to know what they can and cannot do by the next City Council meeting on December 17th.

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