Family disputes police report of Tahoka shooting

Ashley Holly Moore says her husband never wanted to hurt anyone.
Ashley Holly Moore says her husband never wanted to hurt anyone.

TAHOKA, TX (KCBD) - The family of the man who was shot and killed by a Tahoka policeman say what they saw does not match up with what police are saying happened during the standoff last Sunday.

The man was identified by his family as 35-year old Rodney Moore.

On Thursday, Cpl. John Gonzales with Department of Public Safety released a statement describing the incident.

Police say the man would not drop the knife, so they had a lengthy stand-off. He continued to refuse and walked towards an officer. Out of protection, the officer was forced to shoot him.

His wife Ashley Holly Moore says that is not what happened.

"He never once ran to the police officer with a knife. He was coming towards the house," she said. "His knife was down by his side. He didn't have it out pointing at him or nothing. He had it at his side and he was coming towards the house. When he turned to face that police officer, that man shot him dead in the chest, point blank range, two times."

She says Moore never wanted to hurt anyone, he was just afraid that someone was trying to hurt him.

"He has hearing voices in his head and he was thinking someone was trying to hurt him. That's why he had the knife. He didn't want to put the knife down because he felt if he put the knife down, that somebody was going to hurt him really bad," she said.

Ashley says Moore's aunt called the police and asked them for help with him.

Ashley says a Texas state trooper was trying to calm Moore down, but when Moore would not put the knife down, she called for back-up.

"We told them what was wrong with him and they said, 'Oh we're going to help him out, we're going to do everything we can. We'll tase him.' I said, 'That's what we want. We want him to be tased and them he'll drop it and then he can get help," Ashley said.

That is when a Tahoka policeman came to the scene with his gun already drawn and shot him, she said.

She says Moore had a problem with drugs and just needed to sleep.

"He had been up for four days and he needed rest because we'd been through this with him before and it's not the first time," Ashley said.

Police say the officer who shot Moore has been put on administrative leave which police say is standard protocol in a situation like this.

Moore's cousin Rosalind Willis says the family has a lot of questions and all they want are answers.

"Where was the apology? You took somebody's life. You got all these emotions going, that would be a time to express I'm sorry," Willis said.

It happening just two days before Christmas has taken a big toll on the family, especially his mother Sandra Moore.

"Every Christmas isn't going be the same because my child is dead. That's wrong. Why would a man shoot somebody when he could have tased him, pepper spray him, do anything to him. Shoot him twice in the chest? They could have easily shot him in the arm or the leg," Sandra said.

Moore leaves behind seven children ranging between the ages of 17 and 4 years old.

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