Willie McCool Memorial Half Marathon & 5k scheduled for April 6

Willie McCool
Willie McCool

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - West Texas Endurance announced its list of 2013 events this morning, the first of which honors local Willie McCool. The Willie McCool half marathon and 5K will be held on April 6, 2013 beginning and ending at the Silent Wings Museum and for the McCool family it's an honor to have West Texas Endurance honor their son.

"I think it means a tremendous amount to the community that the younger people in the community have someone that they can recognize and look up to," said Willie's father Barry McCool.

Willie developed a love of running after he broke his ankle playing football on Guam. The doctor told him to run as a part of his therapy and it was something that changed his life forever. He met his wife through running, led the rest of his Columbia crew members on daily workout jogs. People close to him they knew the longer the run, the more that Willie excelled.

"It became something that he recognized that he could do really well and he could see the benefits from a health stand point of doing it," said Barry.

That's one of the main reasons that West Texas Endurance is planning seven races for 2013, according to Leigh Cordes.

"There's already some great races here in Lubbock, but we're just really trying to enhance the racing experience and get more people to want to get outdoors and just provide a variety," she said. "When you've got a race to focus on you're more likely to train and get out there and get physically fit in the process, so that's kind of what we're hoping for."

Cordes says their goal is to make each one of their races a fun event and atmosphere and the more people that come, the greater the economic impact for Lubbock.

"We continue to see not only local promoters developing races but now we're also seeing promoters from outside our region that are wanting to host races here," said LEDA President and CEO John Osborne. "It brings those outside dollars into our community and continues to grow our economy."

He described Lubbock as an ideal location for races because of the great weather and diverse terrain with the canyons, and he can always tell when there's a race in town.

"What I've always said is when you're at Slide road and Loop 289 and if you're stuck at that light for a couple of changes, that's a pretty good indicator that we've got an event in town."

For a complete schedule of events you can go to the West Texas Endurance website athttp://www.westtexasendurance.com/.

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