Amarillo girl returned to parents after weekend SWAT raid

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock police have released some new information about a kidnapping investigation that led to a SWAT raid on Saturday afternoon.

Although police believe the girl was the victim of multiple sexual assaults and criminal charges are still forthcoming, they say charges related to the kidnapping no longer apply.

And after searching for another possible victim over the weekend, police now believe this girl is the only victim in this case.

The girl has been released into the custody of her family in Amarillo.

Juvenile detectives are still conducting their investigation, and no arrests or formal charges have been announced as of Monday.

"We believe she's credible. We just don't believe that she was kidnapped. We think she probably came down here on her own free will and that she probably wasn't held for the last six weeks against her will," said Sgt. Jason Lewis with the Lubbock Police Department. 

This comes two days after the Lubbock Police Department SWAT team piled onto an armored vehicle and raided a home near 44th and Quaker.

"We believed that there were people inside the house, possibly more victims, that the people inside may be armed, and that the house may have been barricaded.  So as a precautionary measure, we activated the SWAT team to hit the house," said Lubbock Police Captain Jon Caspell.

One by one the officers tactically approached the house, searching for any evidence to help with their case.

"While we were setting up, the people came out and surrendered to us and they were taken into custody without any incident," Caspell said.

This all comes after police responded to the McDonald's location at 4402 50th Street Friday night to check on a juvenile girl.

She said she had just escaped from a house near 44th & Quaker - that she had come from Amarillo about six weeks ago with an adult male and had been held captive in the house until she was able to escape through a window Friday night.

On Saturday, Caspell said, "We believe her to be credible in her claims and we believe her to be the victim of multiple sexual assaults as well as kidnapping."

Police took one person in custody on an unrelated warrant but he was not charged in connection with this case.

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