Sen. Duncan supports transportation bill, Frullo votes against

District 84 Representative John Frullo
District 84 Representative John Frullo
District 28 Senator Robert Duncan
District 28 Senator Robert Duncan

AUSTIN, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry recalled the Texas Senate after two failed attempts to pass a controversial transportation bill.

He called a special session just one hour after the House couldn't get enough votes to approve the $840 million spending measure.

The Senate finally approved the bill after going through the Finance Committee. Monday, the bill will go before the House again.

District 28 representative Sen. Robert Duncan has spoken out in support of the bill. He gave this statement to KCBD on Tuesday:

"Transportation funding is a serious issue facing our state. West Texas is a leading producer in our country for agriculture, wind and oil. This production has taken a major toll on our infrastructure.  It is imperative that we invest in maintaining and improving that infrastructure for our economy and the safety of our citizens. Legislators have worked over the past few months to develop long term solutions and I look forward to continuing that work during the third called Special Session of the 83rd Legislature."

District 84 Representative John Frullo voted against the bill. He says it's because the money needed for transportation can't be guaranteed in the long run.

"Right now, this plan is dependent on the monies that flow into the state account or rainy day fund. In the past, there have been no monies flowing into that fund," Frullo says.

Frullo said this proposal would provide about $840 million to transportation, but would pull from the state account to do it. He says a quarter of the revenue from oil and gas taxes would be needed for these projects.

Assuming that it's approved by the House and Senate and the governor signs it, the people would still have to vote. A change in funding for transportation would require an amendment to the Texas Constitution.

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