The importance of physicals for your child's school year

Pediatricians' offices are busy this time of year since many schools require kids get a physical before the first day of school. But don't think, 'Oops we ran out of time' since school starts Monday. Time is an issue when it comes to required vaccines, but it's still important to get a back to school physical for many other reasons as the new school year rolls in.

"It's really important to touch base with your pediatrician to make sure your child's health, weight and BMI is calculated," says Dr. Hasna Bhargava of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Those numbers give doctors a clue about your child's overall health and help them determine whether they need to gain or lose weight, or change their eating habits.

It's good to know your child's blood pressure. And whether there are any other hidden heart problems.

Also, testing a child's vision not only help you see how well they see in class, but it can identify and deter behavioral or learning problems since many squirm or get distracted in class because they can't see.

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