Kenny Maines stars in 'The Arroyo,' playing at Premiere Cinemas

Published: Jan. 20, 2014 at 3:06 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 21, 2014 at 4:51 AM CST
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Kenny Maines stars in 'The Arroyo,' premiering Monday night
Kenny Maines stars in 'The Arroyo,' premiering Monday night

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Nearly two and a half years after it was filmed in and around Slaton, Southland and Post, the movie "The Arroyo" makes its worldwide premiere Monday at Premiere Cinemas.

The film details the struggle of an Arizona rancher who becomes fed up with violence and drug trafficking on his land. The character is played by Kenny Maines and it all started with a phone call from a friend.

"He called and said he had a script for a movie that he wanted me to read... I'd met with him and read the script and told him I loved the movie," Maines said. "He said he wanted to shoot here and I said I'd be glad to help any way that I can."

That friend was director and Slaton-native Jeremy Boreing, who Maines first met when Boreing was about 17 years old. He moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in the film industry. When it was time to choose a cast for "The Arroyo," he wanted Maines as his lead.

"He called back about three days later and said he wanted me to play the lead role in the movie," Maines said.

He played the character of Jim Weatherford, a laid-back rancher, something Maines could relate to. In the film, Weatherford decides to take matters into his own hands, forcing Maines to stretch a bit for the role.

"Jim finally snapped and decided to take on this for himself," he said. "That's something I really had never done. It was an intense experience for me just to play that role."

The rest of the cast were also primarily West Texans, including David Armendariz, Glenn Polk and Junior Vasquez. The shoots would last as long as 12 hours on some occasions in the scorching heat of the summer. They also featured stunts, which Maines joked were tougher than he was promised.

"Jeremy told me on the phone when I talked with him - he said Kenny there will be some light, light stunt work during the movie but he didn't factor in my age," he said.

The filming lasted three weeks. Many of the actors haven't seen the finished product, just a rough edit, so they're looking forward to the watching the finished product on Monday.

"I want to see how it paces because it's a 90-minute full feature film. I'm just curious to see how everything plays together as far as special effects and how things work with each other," Maines said.

Monday night's premiere will be invitation-only. The public run of the film will begin Tuesday at Premiere Cinemas.

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