Lubbock police deploying 70 new body cameras

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new look for Lubbock police promises to give us a closer look at their day-to-day interactions.

On Monday, the department announced the purchase of 70 new body cameras for their officers.

Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell says the cameras are easy to use and will mostly be utilized by patrol officers.

"We're gonna try to put them on the guys who are the busiest - especially the night shift guys. But again, that's Chief Ellis and his men and women's decision to make and they'll put them where they need to be," Powell said.

Powell says the camera clips onto the officer's uniform and is activated by a swipe.

Lubbock Police Chief Roger Ellis says it will help during court cases.

"That information is going to be very helpful to a jury to review and for the courts to look at and be able to know exactly what took place," Ellis said.

The District Attorney's Office paid for the cameras using a $60,000 grant dedicated to helping prevent domestic violence.

Traffic Enforcement Officers started using cameras back in March, but this grant will allow patrol officers to use them as well.

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