Source: Erik Medina practicing medicine without license

Published: Mar. 14, 2014 at 8:40 PM CDT
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Erik Medina (Source: Facebook)
Erik Medina (Source: Facebook)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A source has told KCBD that the search warrants executed at two different Medina family households on Friday morning were actually part of a separate investigation involving Erik Medina, not Sam.

A source close to this investigation has told KCBD that evidence has been found of Erik Medina practicing medicine without a license.

The source says Erik was writing prescriptions to himself and others, which is a felony.

Erik's father, Sam Medina, is the city attorney for Lubbock. He is currently on unpaid leave, at his own request, pending a criminal investigation into allegations that he sexually assaulted his soon to be ex-daughter in law.

Police say that investigation uncovered another possible crime triggering Friday morning's search warrants.

Lubbock police served two search warrants simultaneously at Sam Medina's primary residence at 6605 Norwood and a secondary residence at 2310 61st Street where Medina's son, Erik, lives on Friday, Feb. 21, around 7:30 a.m.

The warrants were authorized by Judge Schapp of the 47th District Court in Potter County.

They say evidence related to the ongoing investigation was recovered at both locations, but no charges have been filed in connection with either of these investigations as of Friday.

The exact nature of the investigation is not known at this time, but a case number provided by LPD indicates the nature of the investigation is "Fraud."

An address associated with the case references a Walgreens on 50th Street and Slide Road.

Sam Medina has maintained his innocence in the criminal investigation.

Sam Medina's attorney sent us a statement on Friday evening saying that his client is cooperating with the investigation and that these search warrants are not related to the sexual assault allegations made against him.

PDF: Statement from Sam Medina's attorney 2/21


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