Addiction specialist says marijuana is more dangerous than people think

Published: May. 20, 2014 at 11:59 PM CDT
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The Pew Research Center'sreport on drug policy in this country indicates, by a wide margin, that thepublic today views marijuana as less harmful than alcohol.

But, Doug Spearman, anaddiction specialist at the Ranch at Dove Tree, says people need to understandthat marijuana leaves a mark on the brain.

"So, now we'restarting to learn that even casual use of marijuana, at least in the youngerpopulation, produces brain changes that we didn't know about before. Heavy useactually compounds those problems and has shown even more exacerbated changesin the brain, as the use goes up."

Spearman is referencing arecent study at Harvard which compared IQ points before and after years ofmarijuana use. The researchers found a lower IQ when regular marijuana userswere tested later.

To learn more abouttreatment for marijuana addiction, the number for the ranch at dove tree is(806) 746-6777.

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