KCBD EXCLUSIVE: Medical documents expand Medina accusation timeline

Published: May. 30, 2014 at 1:18 AM CDT
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A KCBD investigation reveals medical records that have never been made public that shed light on sexual allegations against former Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina.

Medina's soon to be ex-daughter in law, Angelina Medina, is the woman who publicly made these allegations against him in January of this year. Medina has repeatedly denied the allegations, and no arrests have been made.

Recently, Angelina's medical records were given to KCBD anonymously. Angelina and her attorney told KCBD they are not sure who gave the station the document, but confirm they are accurate and gave KCBD permission to use it.

Medina has been a fixture in county and city government for nearly 20 years. First as a county judge, then as a city attorney.

He left office in March, but the sexual assault investigation continues. This new document does not prove whether Medina is innocent or guilty, but it does shed light on when Angelina first made allegations about being sexually assaulted.

Anticipating these allegations, Medina asked to be placed on paid administrative leave in January.

These were sexual assault allegations made against him by his soon to be ex-daughter-in-law Medina.

"She has made some desperate and false accusations. These accusations are absolutely false," Medina said.

Standing by his side were Medina's wife, two sons and his attorney, Rod Hobson, who said, "It has been said that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and these false accusations are a perfect example of that."

"In this day and age, it seems like anyone can anything, no matter how ridiculous. Now it is time to prove these ludicrous allegations. Put up or shut up," Hobson said.

Three weeks later, KCBD obtained a police report filed by Angelina, classified by police as rape.

In the report, she claims to have been assaulted by her father-in-law, from February of 2009 to December of 2012. During that time period Angelina, her husband Erik, and their children lived in a home with Medina and his wife.

Medina said the allegations are being made in the middle of messy divorce between his son Erik and Angelina.

"Unfortunately his wife has decided to turn this into a bitter, vicious custody battle," he said.

Angelina never reported the sexual assault allegations to police during that time, but according to the medical document provided to KCBD anonymously, she did confide in a medical professional in 2010 before the divorce was even filed.

Angelina confirmed the document was accurate and gave consent for it to be used in KCBD's investigation.

Angelina later gave KCBD a copy of what appears to be the same document, which she said was produced as part of the divorce court proceedings.

The report shows that on October 9th of 2010, about a year after these sexual assaults allegedly began, Angelina was seen by an emergency room physician.

She complained of chest pain and was reportedly very emotional and crying.

The doctor determined she was having an anxiety attack.

In this same report, it is recorded that she told the nurse she was having problems with her husband and her father-in-law and became overwhelmed.

She said she lived with her father-in-law who had been forcing intercourse with her for a year and a half.

Despite these allegations, she told the doctor she did not want adult protective services or the police notified.

According to hospital staff, HIPAA and regular privacy regulations prevent medical officials from reporting allegations like these to police.

When KCBD asked Angelina why she did not report this to police, she said she was scared at the time to report it and declined to comment further.

We contacted her attorney and he declined to comment saying he would rather this play out in court.

KCBD contacted Medina's attorney, Rod Hobson, to get a comment about these medical documents.

In a statement he gave us he said, "The date on the medical record is 2010 which is interesting because she continued to voluntarily reside at the Medina house until December 2012 when she was asked to leave."

The events that have transpired over the next four years leading to these allegations becoming public read like a Hollywood drama.

According to police records, in March of 2013, Erik Medina, Angelina's husband, was arrested on allegations of domestic assault on Angelina.

A month after that, Erik filed for divorce.

In January, Medina asked the Lubbock City Council to place him on paid administrative leave as the investigation into Angelina' sexual assault allegations began.

The Lubbock Police Department turned this case over to Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell, who recused himself.

On February 12th, special prosecutors from the 47th district attorney's office, located in Potter County, confirmed with KCBD they were assigned to this case.

The following day, Lubbock City Council placed Medina on unpaid administrative leave per Medina's request.

Also in February, an Andrews County Judge assigned to Erik and Angelina's divorce case declared a mistrial because an expert witness called to the stand by Angelina's attorney mentioned the sexual assault allegations against Medina.

Meanwhile, police told KCBD their investigation into Medina led to a separate investigation into his son Erik.

Search warrants were executed at two of Medina's properties where Angelina and Erik had lived.

The warrants, issued by Judge Dan Schapp out of Potter County, were served Friday February 21st.

According to these search warrants, police were looking for prescription pill bottles prescribed by Erik Medina, drugs not obtained legally, prescription pads, and receipts from a Lubbock pharmacy.

Erik Medina does not have a medical license.

A report reveals police seized several pill bottles prescribed to different members of the Medina family, but the reports do not state who prescribed the medication.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed after those searches.

On March 7th, Medina resigned as Lubbock City Attorney.

In his resignation letter he stated, "These distractions are unfair to you, to the citizens and to my family…I do this of my own free will and with a grateful heart because of the privilege I have had in serving the wonderful citizens of my beloved Lubbock."

In Hobson's statement given to KCBD on Wednesday, Hobson said, "Sam Medina maintains his faith in the judicial system and knows he will be exonerated if this case ever goes to trial."

No charges of sexual assault have been filed against Sam Medina and no criminal charges have been filed against Erik Medina.

The divorce proceedings for Erik and Angelina have not been finalized. A retrial is scheduled for July 21st.

Here is a copy of the full statement given to KCBD by Rod Hobson on Wednesday:

Apparently Angelina Medina has given a portion of her medical records to Channel 11 News. This information relates to the first time she supposedly made the false and malicious allegations about Sam Medina. The date on the medical record is 2010 which is interesting because she continued to voluntarily reside at the Medina house until December, 2012 when she was asked to leave.

This is a pathetic and desperate attempt to gain attention for herself at the expense of everyone who tried to help her. She has complete disregard for the effects on her own children.

The timing of her actions is also suspect. The divorce judge has been considering for several weeks a motion for sanctions against her and her attorney for their actions in the recent custody trial. Just yesterday, she was ordered to pay over $13,000 in sanctions by the judge.

The proper forum to hear her allegations about Judge Medina is the courtroom, not the newsroom. Sam Medina maintains his faith in the judicial system and knows he will be exonerated if this case ever goes to trial.

Rod Hobson
Attorney for Sam Medina

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