U.S. Border Patrol requests help of Salvation Army of Lubbock

Pictured: Captain Robert Parker, Lubbock Salvation Army
Pictured: Captain Robert Parker, Lubbock Salvation Army

Volunteers with the Lubbock Salvation Army are preparing to head to McAllen, TX, where several undocumented families from Mexico are expected to arrive on Saturday night.

A Lubbock Disaster Alert Response team was called in to assist in the operation that is going on in the city.

Captain Robert Parker with the Lubbock Salvation Army of Lubbock said that volunteers will be providing basic needs to a lot of displaced children and families, which includes hygiene kits, clothing and food.

The volunteers will also be assisting border patrol and other agencies while they are in town.

"Regardless of what your political views may be," Parker said, "this is a request of the United States Border Patrol to help with human needs, and the Salvation Army is all about meeting human needs, wherever those are and wherever they may be."

"This is just another example of people that need assistance and the Salvation Army stepping up when asked," he said.

As of Saturday, just two volunteers will be making the trip and plan to stay in McAllen for ten days, helping wherever they are needed.

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