2014 Law Enforcement Champions: Corporal Chad Wurm and Officer Collin Sherley

Published: Sep. 10, 2014 at 12:11 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 10, 2014 at 12:26 AM CDT
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Officer Tim Varner
Officer Tim Varner

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Back in October, the actions of two Lubbock police officers helped to save a fellow police officer's life.

Officer Tim Varner was first on the scene of a domestic disturbance call at the Salvation Army, a routine check that quickly took a turn.

Not far behind were Corporal Char Wurm and Officer Collin Sherley, who arrived just in time to see Jeremy Moor open fire on Officer Tim Varner, shooting him once in the leg and once in the shoulder.

"Everything just kind of slowed down at that point," Wurm says. "No matter how fast you went, everything just seemed to be going in slow motion."

"We've been to these types of calls 100 times in the past and there has never been a weapon," Wurm says. "But tonight there was."

Officer Sherley remembers the first things he saw and heard when he arrived on the scene.

"I was coming around the corner and you could see the muzzle flashes from the suspect's weapon because he was facing us," Sherley says. "Just hearing how loud it was and then everything just slowed down."

The two said they knew then that Officer Varner had been shot.

Sherley took Moor into custody while Corporal Wurm turned his attention completely to the wounded officer, Tim Varner.

"I cut open his pant leg because I could see that's where most of the blood was," Wurm said. "At the time it just looked like the blood was pouring out."

After securing Moor, Sherley ran back to his car to get his med kit.

"I put the tourniquet on and started packing the wound with gauze."

EMS units arrived on the scene minutes later and transported Officer Varner to UMC.

He was treated for one gunshot wound to the shoulder and one to the leg, and was released from the hospital days later.

He received a purple heart back in February, four months after he was shot.

Officer Sherley and Corporal Wurm say there was no hesitation when they saw a brother down.

Officer Sherley attributed his reaction to natural instincts.

"It's a god-given characteristic when you face something like that to know that it's your duty to react."

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