Hundreds gather to dedicate statue of Timothy Cole

Published: Sep. 16, 2014 at 1:53 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 19, 2014 at 1:07 AM CDT
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Several state and local leaders gathered at a ceremony for former Texas Tech student Timothy Cole and to dedicate a statue in his honor Wednesday afternoon.

The complete ceremony is now available on video, just click here:

Among the leaders was Governor Rick Perry, who signed the pardon that cleared Cole's name.

Also in attendance were lawmakers who helped push for change.

And, attorneys who fought and continue to fight for those who've been wrongfully convicted.

There were ten speakers, from those who fought for more than 10 years to clear his name, to the man who signed off on the act that granted Cole's family that justice.

There have been more than 30 people in the Dallas area who have been exonerated since Cole.

Charles Chatman is one of the men who made the trip to Lubbock today.

"The family in itself, the honor and the dignity they had," Chatman said. "I know what kind of honor he must have had."

Nick Vilbas was there representing the Innocence Project of Texas, an organization that fought for Cole's justice.

"It's making sure that he didn't die in vain and we are able to make some serious changes in the Texas legislator that can help people behind bars and hopefully prevent them from going there." Vilbas says.

Former city council member Todd Klein was a voice that fought for the Timothy Cole statue and the Timothy Cole Park here in Lubbock.

"It's a great day for this community, for the family and for the cause of justice." Klein says.

Cole was offered probation for a guilty plea, but maintained his innocence throughout his trial and during the 13 years he spent behind bars.


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