McCartney fan has signature tattooed on her arm

McCartney fan has signature tattooed on her arm
Published: Oct. 3, 2014 at 10:51 PM CDT|Updated: May. 19, 2016 at 2:26 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When Beth Ferrara from Los Angeles and her best friend Brittany Chipman from Dallas got tickets to the Paul McCartney concert in Lubbock, they had a plan.

They formed it by listening to a joke McCartney makes at many of his concerts about the fans' posters.

"He says, 'I'm not going to sign your butt,'" Chipman said, "but no one's poster says 'Sign my butt.'"

Out came the poster boards and markers, where Chipman wrote "Sign my butt! (just kidding) Sign my friend!" with an arrow on her poster pointing to Ferrara's sign, which read "I'm the friend! Please Paul, sign me for my only tattoo!"

These posters would be the only ingredients needed for the onstage moment of a lifetime.

"He thought it was pretty funny," Ferrara said, "and he ended up bringing us onstage and doing what we asked for, which was not to actually sign her butt, but to sign me for a tattoo. She got signed as well."

Ferrara has loved McCartney since she was a young girl, and said it was a dream come true to finally meet him.

Chipman said Ferrara got emotional when two security guards told them to join McCartney onstage.

"She started crying," Chipman said, "and I told her to calm down."

McCartney signed both of their arms, but only Brittany's will wash off.

"The memory of being on stage." she said. "You just can't top it, so I'm okay with not having it permanent."

Beth went to Inkfluence, a tattoo shop in Lubbock, to make sure hers will stay forever.

"I can't believe I'm here," Beth said inside Inkfluence. "Everything just came together."

McCartney's signature will be Beth's first and last tattoo, she said.

"I mean, it hurts," she said. "It doesn't feel good."

Even though Chipman just wanted Ferrara in the spotlight, Beth is glad she had her best friend with her every step of the way.

"I'm the happiest girl on the planet right now," Ferrara said as the artist finished her tattoo.

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