Host mother of quarantined student thankful for emergency response

Host mother of quarantined student thankful for emergency response

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - An international student from the Ivory Coast, Africa was quarantined by UMC on Thursday as fears about Ebola led them to take extra precautions.

Ivory Coast is a neighboring country to Liberia, just east of where the outbreak is centered.

According to his host family, the student is a part of an ESL program in Lubbock. He's working to improve his English and has only been in town for a few days.

After speaking with his host family, we now know that he had a medical condition that caused the symptoms that led the hospital to take Ebola precautions.

Initial reports from health officials said that he was experiencing diarrhea and nausea, both symptoms related to the virus.

But his host mother, Lachelle Jackson, says that wasn't the case.

"I went to wake him up for class and when I was trying to get him out of the bathroom I wasn't getting much response from him," Jackson says. "We would ask him questions but we weren't getting much from him."

Jackson says that's when they called 911, and first responders decided to use isolation protocols.

"They said that because he was from the Ivory Coast, Africa they wanted to make sure he wasn't having any Ebola-like symptoms," she says. "He wasn't, the news said that he was, but I had told them that I thought he had a seizure

We now know that he was experiencing those symptoms because of an existing medical condition.

Jackson says is that right now they are looking forward to returning back to normal.

She says the experience taught her a lot about emergency responders, and she's thankful for the way they handled the situation.

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