KCBD INVESTIGATES: The case against Billy Jack Limbaugh, Jr.

KCBD launches investigation into homicides of six Lubbock women
Published: Oct. 30, 2014 at 10:22 PM CDT|Updated: Feb. 3, 2016 at 11:41 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Someone knows something - that's the attitude investigators bring when working a case.

And that's the foundation of a major investigation KCBD is launching into the unsolved homicides of several Lubbock women.

The purpose of our investigation is to generate tips that could lead to an arrest.

We are focusing on six women whose bodies were discovered in rural areas around Lubbock.

INTERACTIVE MAP: KCBD Investigates Unsolved Homicides

In 1995, the body of 29-year-old Phyllis Robinson was found just inside the Terry County Line.

In 1999, 19-year-old Amanda Gschwend's body was found in a northeast Lubbock cotton field.

Then, in 2003, 21-year-old Cynthia Palacio was found dead just west of Slaton.

In 2004, 21-year-old Linda Carbajal's body was found just a few miles outside New Deal.

Authorities have linked Palacio and Carbajal's cases through forensic science.

In 2007, Selena Kuykendall was found in the same area where Gschwend was found.

In 2008, Monica Adams was found near an oil rig also in northeast Lubbock.

Adams, Kuykendall and Gschwend were discovered within two and half miles of each other.

Our eight-month investigation of these six cases has uncovered new details.

"Obviously someone knows something," said Captain Jon Caspell with the Lubbock Police Department.

"All it takes is for that one link, that one hit, that one piece of evidence, that one witness to come forward," Caspell said.

Or it may be the victim in another unsolved crime, like in the case of Billy Jack Limbaugh Jr.

In 2008, a woman reported she had been sexually assaulted and while she gave a description of the suspect, police never found her attacker, but they did obtain DNA evidence.

Later that same year, the body of Monica Adams was discovered. The DNA from that crime scene matched the DNA evidence found at the sexual assault crime scene.

Earlier this year, detectives resubmitted that DNA evidence, hoping new DNA technology that could link family members would help them solve these cases. They got a hit.

DNA confirmed that a descendant of Billy Jack Limbaugh, Senior was responsible for these crimes. A possibility? His son, Billy Jack Limbaugh Jr. - a Lubbock resident who lived on the northeast side of the city not far from where Adams body was found.

A detective working this case recalled another unsolved crime from earlier this year, an aggravated kidnapping and robbery.

A woman said a white male offered her a ride. She said he was in his 40s, about six feet tall with brown hair.

She also gave smaller details that might seem immaterial: he smelled like oil and fuel, he looked dirty, like he had just gotten off of work. She said he was wearing a long sleeve button down shirt with a name tag on it...he went by Billy. She gave a very specific description of the car he drove. It was a blue sports car with a rear-deck spoiler.

She began to panic when he did not stop at her friend's house saying, "Not today sweetie."

Billy was taking her to Idalou.

He said he was going to, "Take her to his country home to do as he pleased."

After struggle in the car, Billy threw out and she called police. Could this be the same Billy?

That is when police started connecting the dots.

Billy Jack Limbaugh Jr., the latest suspect in the unsolved homicide and aggravated sexual assault cases from the 2008, described as a white male, 43-years-old, 6'2, brown hair, works as a roofer in Lubbock and lives off of Idalou Road less than two miles from where the woman was thrown out of the car.

This description led to Limbaugh Jr.'s arrest and a DNA test.

"Lubbock police investigators have established Billy Jack Limbaugh Jr. as the perpetrator in all three of these cases based on the original familial DNA hit provided by the DPS labs as well as corroborating evidence linking all three of these cases," Captain Caspell said at the news conference.

Limbaugh Jr. is facing multiple felony charges. His trial date has not been set. Police said he has not been linked to any other unsolved homicide cases, but police are investigating the possibility. Meanwhile, we are still studying the other five cases in our special investigation. Our goal is to help police with leads that will bring someone to justice, because someone knows something.

If you have any information, police ask you call Crime Line at 741-1000. The line is open 24/7 and callers can remain anonymous.

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