7-year-old wants to donate small business proceeds to animal shelters

7-year-old wants to donate small business proceeds to animal shelters

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Seven-year-old Jayden Mote got bored over the holiday break.

"Her brother and sister are gone on vacation for the holidays," said her mother, Deandrea Mote, "and she was by herself, so I thought, she needs something to do."

But Deandrea had a solution.

"I have my own small business, and I make tutus and dresses," she said. "I showed her one time and that's all it took."

Deandrea thought the small tutus would be perfect for dolls, but Jayden had other ideas.

"She looked over at my dog, Zoey, and went, We can stick one on her, right?," Deandrea said. "So we started sticking it on our little dog."

Jayden called her new creation she a "Puppy Tutu," and wanted to try them on more than just her Boston Terrier, Zoey.

"She said, 'Mom, do you think I can sell them?," Deandrea said. "And I said, 'Well, why do you want to sell them? What's the money for?' And she said, 'Well, sister's birthday is coming up'. And I said, 'Your sister's birthday? That's so sweet!'"

All it took was a Facebook page, titled "Puppy Tutus by Jayden," to get the business started.

"People started ordering and the minute she knew she had orders, her face just lit up," Deandrea said. "Like, 'I have an order today! Let's get up, let's make these tutus!'"

Jayden's aspirations grew with her piggy bank.

"I wanted to make up money for a new house," Jayden said.

But now, she wants to help those she creates for.

"She actually wants to donate to some local shelters and maybe some rescuers in the area that are in need of dog food, cat food," Deandrea said, "anything for those animals in the rescue centers."

Since Jayden is supporting a charitable cause, Deandrea does not mind sharing her craft materials.

"It shows me that her heart is in the right place," she said, "and as long as that's what it's for, then I'm all for it and I support her 110 percent."

Each time Jayden ties a tutu from around her leg, Deandrea said she reminds her the importance of selflessness.

"I think when she accomplishes it and she finishes her tutus, you can just see it in her face that she's accomplished something," Deandrea said, "that that's her work, and she did it, and she's so proud and we're proud of her for it."

To support Puppy Tutus by Jayden, click here to visit her Facebook page.

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